Wwe Survivor Series 2021 Tickets

Wwe Survivor Series 2021 Tickets – With the Crown Jewel in the rearview mirror, WWE’s attention now turns to Survivor Series 2021, scheduled for November 21.

As has happened in recent years, the theme of this event is brand vs brand competition, as the champions of Raw and SmackDown – as well as the teams of some of the best wrestlers on those rosters – will face off. in a battle for brand domination.

Wwe Survivor Series 2021 Tickets

Roman Reigns and Big E already started their feud a few weeks ago, and others are starting to heat up soon. So, before setting everything in stone and deciding on paper, let’s make predictions for some of the biggest Superstars from both brands and how things might turn out at the Survivor Series.

Wwe Survivor Series 2021: Randy Orton & Riddle Vs. The Usos Is Official

Without knowing anything else on paper, the only guarantee is that Big E will not outright beat Reigns in a champion versus champion game. It is safe to say that you can bet your house and still feel safe by putting it on the line.

The Tribal Chief didn’t win all of his matches outright, but he only lost three games from the 2019 Survivor Series: a TLC match in December, the Royal Rumble 2020, and a disqualification in a tag team match last December.

He defeated The Head of the Table John Cena, defeated Edge and Daniel Bryan, defeated the demon king Finn Balor in one of his only two defeats, and defeated Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel.

Big E can fight, but he is defeated. He is still in the early days of his ascent to the top and hasn’t proven to be anywhere near where Reigns operates, which is legendary.

Survivor Series 2021: What To Know About The Wwe Ppv

Although Big E has Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston to deal with Usos interference, Reigns will get the WWE championship on his own.

With Charlotte Flair retaining her Raw Women’s Championship through disqualification Monday night and Becky Lynch retaining her SmackDown Women’s Championship at Crown Jewel, both are still champions despite being listed on opposite brands after the WWE Draft.

WWE will likely trade the belts like the way Street Profits and The New Day traded stocks last year. By proxy, this will be used as a point of contention for Lynch vs. Flair – A WWE match that keeps coming back as two of the first women in the company’s history.

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We’ve seen it enough times to know what’s going on. Lynch plays the default babyface as Flair is the one the crowd hates the most. With both heels this time around, it could go to a no-contest, or there could be interference to cost one of them and start a new feud, but it’s doubtful that either of them wins outright.

Wwe Survivor Series 2020 Results: The Good, Bad And Ugly From Men’s Elimination Match

Both will continue to claim the limelight after leaving Survivor Series and will likely keep their titles at WrestleMania 38.

Right now, Intercontinental vs. The US championship match would be Damian Priest versus Shinsuke Nakamura.

Both are in danger of losing their titles in the weeks leading up to the Survivor Series, except to distract fans by changing the tournament scene. Notably, Nakamura would be at risk, as Priest had a better win-loss record this year.

WWE doesn’t need a heel to take Nakamura’s title to balance the dynamics of Priest’s babyface. Two smilies have been pitted against each other enough times that it’s not a problem to do in this context, all the more so when there are similarities with their characters to make it interesting. Both project a “cool boy vibe” and dance to their own drum beat. They shook hands and clapped in mutual respect.

Wwe Survivor Series 2021: Ergebnisse

Given how protected he’s been and his status as a new member of the main roster, this match will likely go to Priest.

It’s hard to find a better tag team than the Usos, it would be RK-Bro’s job to ruin if both teams were still champions before the tag team tag team feud.

This match should be great. Riddle and Randy Orton had great chemistry fighting side by side, and that should be amplified against a talented duo like The Usos.

There is a clear babyface and heel team, so fans will be firmly behind RK-Bro. The story is also simple because Jimmy and Jey are twins, while Riddle sees Orton as an older brother and will rely on that relationship to annoy the Viper.

Survivor Series Results 2021: Reigns Defeats Big E, Lynch Beats Flair

They both have the right to win. The Pigeons are the most successful team and it’s a priority to stay strong as they are paired with the Tribal Chief, and a pin from RK-Bro wouldn’t be a fuss considering the importance these two have had in their respective rights.

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The winner depends on the other parties. If Raw or SmackDown needed another win, this is the one that would get them. This is supposed to be the last match in which WWE picks a winner.

Several Superstars have re-entered the draft or had yet to debut on their new rosters, making it difficult to determine which would be the priority for Team Raw and Team SmackDown. At least on a female level, the options are more limited, so it’s easier to see the potential.

For example, rosters should be like this in the future, minus Flair and Lynch as champions:

Survivor Series 2021 (dvd)

SmackDown could easily get away with Natalya, Banks, Baszler, Shotzi and Storm, hoping that Sonya Deville will keep her feud with Naomi off the team, even if she deserves to be. Naomi may also be forced to beat someone up for a place if her feud with Deville continues.

Aliyah and Xia Li can get it for the others, but B-Fab lacks the experience to take one of those five coveted places.

Belair should lead the team. Ripley and ASH deserve to be in this one because they are current tag team champions and have both held the Raw Women’s Championship this year. This leaves only two seats left. Queen Vega, Doudrop, Carmella and Morgan – Assuming Nox and Yim are sidelined for not having been in the brand long enough and Brooke continues to be used more as a reinforcement talent, they should be fighting for those places.

Of course, A.S.H. and Ripley will defend their titles against a SmackDown duo, which opens up more Superstars in both teams on paper, but WWE hasn’t followed a pattern for a Women’s Tag Team Championship in years. It can go either way.

Wwe Survivor Series 2021 Ergebnisse: Roman Reigns Wartete Auf Das Mega Comeback Von The Rock

The list of Superstars who can be nominated for Team Raw and Team SmackDown in the men’s division is too long to guarantee they will all compete. Some will just have to attend this event.

Drew McIntyre will almost certainly be the captain of Team SmackDown. Who is on his side depends on whether WWE wants to play new games or cling to name recognition.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Ridge Holland would give huge increases to their shares if they teamed up with the likes of Jinder Mahal, Sami Zayn and Sheamus.

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Xavier Woods and King Kofi Kingston could team up, but they could pass for others like Cesaro and Ricochet.

Wwe Shop: Survivor Series Virtual Meet & Greet Tickets Available Tomorrow At 12pm Et

Mansoor may beat Crown Jewel and push for another, but it’s doubtful he’ll get a spot on someone like Happy Corbin or Jeff Hardy.

On Monday Night Raw, there are several giants to choose from if the red brand wants to win, such as Bobby Lashley, Karrion Kross and Keith Lee.

Edge and AJ Styles would also make fantastic teammates, along with Finn Balor and Kevin Owens.

Based on how it’s been used thus far, Austin Theory has a good chance of completing the squad and possibly getting the sole survivor in the spotlight if WWE pushes him as a potential client, similar to how Orton has won many times for his teams. . in the past even in his youth.

Wwe Survivor Series 2021 Results: Vince Mcmahon And The Winners, Losers Of Brooklyn Ppv

If Edge is willing and able to work on this show, he has priority over Seth Rollins, who might not be on the same team. The Rated-R Superstar count almost guarantees that Rollins would be there and one of his potential captains of him, even if he has to go to Lashley if he is not removed from his bout with Goldberg at the Crown Jewel.

Hopefully there will be no shortage of Superstars to choose from, so this match should be awesome, regardless of the 10 fighters involved. It’s just a question of which people WWE wants to focus on at that particular moment.

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