World Cup 2022 highlights: France takes care of Australia

The 2022 FIFA World Cup continued on Tuesday with France open the title defense by scoring the usual four goals to win Australia4-1.

Australia got off to a surprising start, scoring a goal in the first 10 minutes of the match with an attacking effort. But France turned the tables, taking a 2-1 lead at halftime.

Previously; Argentina he was stunned Saudi Arabia while Denmark and Tunisia played a scoreless draw. Mexico and Poland and fought to a scoreless draw.

You can watch this game and every match on the FOX Sports family of networks – the tournament’s official English-language broadcast partner in the US – and the FOX Sports app and You can too stream the full match you pay for free on Tube.

Here are the group’s activities for Tuesday.

France vs. Australia

The title defense begins now

Kylian Mbappe and the rest of the French team arrive on the pitch looking like their first match of the 2022 World Cup.

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9′ – That was fast!

Australia opened their bid for trouble in the opening minutes as Craig Goodwin got in the ball from the left boot for goal from a cross.

Craig Goodwin strikes early in the 9th minute, giving Australia a 1-0 lead in France

Craig Goodwin strikes early in the 9th minute, giving Australia a 1-0 lead in France

Craig Goodwin completed a perfect cross in the 9th minute to give Australia an early 1-0 lead over France.

13′ – Brother replaces brother

French left back Lucas Hernandez suffered an injury in the early stages of the match and left the game. His younger brother Theo succeeds.

22 – So close to twinning

Australia’s attempt at an upset was almost confirmed when captain Mitchell’s shot went off the leg. But the shot was just outside the runner.

27′ – France made it happen

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After saving a corner kick, Hernandez helped France strengthen and connected his cross into the box with the head of Adrien Rabiot, leading to the goal to make it 1-1.

32′ – Giroud does his thing

Olivier Giroud, the second goalscorer in French history, put his team in front of the box by Rabiot.

France takes a 2-1 lead in Australia

France takes a 2-1 lead in Australia

France took a 2-1 lead over Australia at the 2022 FIFA World Cup after goals from Adrien Rabiot and Olivier Giroud.

45′ + 2′ – Australia close again!

Australia came close again to scoring a second goal when Jackson Irwin’s header beat a cross, keeping the game 2-1 in France’s favour.

L’–Giroud wanted the opinion of the ellipsis

Franco wanted to kick off the bicycle kick that tied him with Thierry Henry for the most international goals in French history.

68′ – Mbappe gets on the board!

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The superstar got the perfect placement on his head to take France’s lead to 3-1.

72′ – Giroud ties the record

Mbappe connected with Giroud on a cross, which led to another French goal to make it 4-1. Giroud’s goal from a header is his 51st in international history, tying him with Henry for the most in French history.

France Olivier Giroud scores a goal vs. Australia in 71

France Olivier Giroud scores a goal vs.  Australia in 71

France’s Olivier Giroud scores a goal against Australia in the 71st minute at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

89 – A job well done

Giroud started the game for the French when he was substituted to a standing ovation from the supporters following two goals.

Check out the full schedule in the World Cup and how to watch each match live! this.

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