WNBA Legend Joins Hands With Vanessa Bryant and Daughter Natalia to Keep Kobe Bryant’s Legacy Alive

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant were recently honored at the Mesa Grant Woods Boys & Girls Club. Basketball has just undergone an outdoor renovation. The people living there showed a clear sense of happiness on their faces as a result of this effort, the lives of many children who wish to pursue careers in basketball will be improved. One of the first memorable moments was when Diana Taurasi attended a Mercury Phoenix event as a Bryant supporter. In addition, he talked about the devotion and commitment of women to this game.


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In collaboration with drinking sports bodies, the Mambacita Games foundation has refurbished 10 courts across the country. Providing support to young people, helping them build a better future. In addition to Taurasi, fans had the privilege of seeing Bryant’s oldest daughter Natalie Bryant. Even Mesa Mayor John Aegidius witnessed this wonderful event celebrating with his children and family members.

According to Natalia’s mother, Vanessa Bryant, who shared this news through her social media account, she thanked her daughter and WNBA star for coming and contributing to such a great cause. In the video, he shows how everything went smoothly. He certainly inspired many young people of all ages to dream of pursuing their careers in sports. Because of this post, fans of the celebrities alike opened up about their emotions and shared their thanks to Vanessa for her efforts.

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In addition to Mesa Police Chief Ken Cost, club president, and CEO Marcia Mintz, representatives of the corps were also present to celebrate the event, along with of 30 children and families.

Gianna Bryant and Kobe Bryant were worshiped at Mesa Dona Woods Boys & Girls Club

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi were tragically killed in a helicopter crash in 2020. Since then, Kobe’s wife Vanessa has done everything to ensure that his legacy lives on. Providing education and equipment to other people to improve their lives has become a mission.


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On Saturday, fans also interviewed Natalia and Taurasi as witnesses. Then he adds many interesting questions. “My father wanted to be so strong that he encouraged girls to follow their passion.” The birthday is presented.

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“You can be in the WNBA, follow your passion” he added. In addition, Natalie was a motivated girl who wanted to pursue a career in basketball. Vanessa is undoubtedly doing a great job as a legacy from generation to generation.

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