Which players are suspended for World Cup semifinals? List of yellow cards and rules

This is the feeling that every player dreads. Finding out you have been suspended for a major final or semi-final.

Fortunately for those taking part in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar – and for fans who enjoy watching the best players go head-to-head – this time no players can be suspended for the final due to FIFA rules.

However, two bookings in the knock-out round – or of course a red card – will disqualify you from the semi-finals.

Sports News follows the yellow card rules and the players who will miss the semi-final in Qatar.

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How do the World Cup suspension rules work?

Yellow card rules have changed slightly for the 2022 World Cup as FIFA are keen not to lose a player to suspension in the final. All bans will be removed after the end of the quarter finals.

However, players can miss a semi-final if they receive a second yellow card of the match in the quarter-finals, according to FIFA regulations for the 2022 tournament.

Also, players can be suspended for a semi-final match if they receive a red card in a quarter-final match.

With the All Yellows eliminated after the group stage, only 23 players – including none from England – were booked in the knock-out stage and thus at risk.

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Which players may be banned for the World Cup semi-finals?

In the match between Croatia and Brazil, several stars were booked by Michael Oliver, the referee of the English Premier League. Bruno Petkovic, Marcelo Brozovic, Marquinhos, Danilo and Casemiro all received yellow cards.

With Croatia dramatically booking their place in the last four on penalties, of course only their players could miss the game, but Brozovic and Petkovic had not already been booked.

Going into the two quarter finals, the following players have been booked:

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Morocco – Sufyan Amrbat, Roman Says, Abdulhamid Sabiri

Portugal – Joao Felix, Ruben Dias, Bruno Fernandez, Ruben Nuss, Danilo Pereira

France – Jules Conde, Aurelien Chuameny

Finalization of the suspension for the semi-finals of the World Cup

There were no yellow cards for Croatia against Brazil, meaning every player missed the semi-final.

Marcos Acuna and Gonzalo Montil were both booked in Argentina’s win over the Netherlands, but it means they will miss the entire half.

Portugal vs Morocco and then England vs France are still to come.

  • Argentina – Marcos Acuna
  • Argentina – Gonzalo Montil


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