Watch JUDAS PRIEST Perform In Tucson During Fall 2022 ’50 Heavy Metal Years’ Tour

Video by fans Priest of JudahThe November 8 performance at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona is pictured below.

The band’s playlist is below, according to

01. electric eye
02. Ride the wind and waves
03. you have another thing coming
04. Jawbreaker
05. firepower
06. never hero
07. beyond the realm of death
08. Judas rises
09. The son of the Devil
10. genocide
11. Stiller
12. between hammer and anvil
13. Valhalla Hall
14. Green Manalishi (with two pointed crowns) (Fleetwood MAC cover)
15. cry for revenge


16. hell leather
17. break the law

Encore 2:

18. life after midnight

in a recent interview 96.1 KLPX radio station, Priest of Judah Guitarist Rich Faulkner On the band’s 2022 fall U.S. tour roster: “Well, I can say it’s around the band’s 40th anniversary. [the] “Cry for Vengeance” [album], if I’m not wrong. I’m sure the internet will say it’s not the right month yet, or it’s not the right week, or I’m a week late or something.But yeah, so we’re going to find some moments from that record, like the album cover “Cry for Vengeance”. I know some people like to wait and see what the playlist will be.I won’t break anything but we will refer to “Cry for Vengeance” in several places.

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“There are a few things I haven’t played with the band [that we will play on this tour]He continued. “I’ve been with the band for almost 12 years, and we’re playing a couple of songs that I haven’t played with the band, which is exciting. We’re digging up stuff that we haven’t played in a while, and then, as I said, there’s stuff I haven’t played with the band.So it’s a refreshing playlist our Same point, being able to do something that we haven’t done yet, and then hopefully that’s reflected in the fans, hearing something new. “

ask how Priest of Judah I came up with a playlist, Richie Say, “Well, it were able It’s hard. Some things we have to fight. We have a classic part, we have to admit. Priest There is a huge radio hit rate — ‘break the law’, ‘[You’ve Got] another thing; that element of the show – as I said, we have to admit. If there are moments like album anniversaries, we can hit those.It might be interesting if there’s something we haven’t done in a while… we don’t want to repeat too much from the last tour, or if there’s a new album we’ll hit a few [songs] from [that]. This is an anniversary trip and we are free to play.Sometimes what we do is actually me and grab [Halford, vocals], we’d write songs on paper that we thought were interesting — literally cut them out, put them all on the table or whatever, and then locate them and put them in the playlist, like old school. We’re trying to get a dynamic flow, so there’s a start, like a shock, and then it tapers off a little bit, a little bit of ebb and flow. So we try to create a dynamic with this series, like I think the band has been doing. But we actually did it with pen and paper and cut them into small rectangles.sounds a bit ‘Spinal Tap’, but it works. We’ve been doing this for a while.And then we hone it as we go through [a tour]. So we might have a starting point — 16 songs — and then we rehearse it, and if it doesn’t feel right or doesn’t have that dynamic, we’ll put another one, just to get that dynamic. “

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Priest On May 31st, the Spring/Summer 2022 European tour kicked off with an intimate concert in Berlin, Germany. For shows at the 1,600-seat Huxleys Neue Welt venue, Halford His bandmates ditched their traditional leather and stud look in favor of a cleaner look.

bass player Ian Hill is the only remaining original member Priestestablished in 1969. Halford Joined the band in 1973, guitarist glentipton Signed in 1974. grab remain Priest Formed his own band in the early 1990s, then returned to Priest 2003, founding guitarist KK Downing Parted ways with the band in 2011, replaced by Rich Faulkner.

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tipton He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease eight years ago after suffering from the disease at least five years ago. tipton It was announced in early 2018 that he would not be on tour in support of “Firepower”. He was replaced by snap upwho is also known for his work among the NWOBHM Revivalists hell and cult whipping costumes Sabat.

Priest of Judah Received the Musical Excellence Award at this year’s festival rock and roll hall of fameit’s an honor slim Shady, Dolly Parton, Duran Duran, Lionel Richie, Pat Benata, rhythmic gymnastics and Carly Simon in the performer category.

The induction ceremony took place on November 5th at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.will air later hyperbaric and continue playing HBO Max.

This Priest of Judah Selected members include current members Halford, HILL, tipton and Scott Travis (drums), with former members Downing, Les Binks (drum) and the late drummer Dave Holland.


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