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Vilangu Web Series – Vilangu released on 18 February 2022 and was directed by Prashanth Pandiraj. This show is in Tamil. Vimal, Reshma Pasupuleti, S.S. Chakravarty, Iniya, Munikkanth, Yogi, Bala Saravanan, KPY Ramar, R.N.R. Manohar and Ineya are the stars in this movie. As long as you are a subscriber to the video OTT platform, you can. watch the show on ZEE5. can be viewed online. Vilangu is in the genre of Mystery, Crime, Drama.

Sub-Inspector Paridi is supposed to be on leave. But circumstances made him a regular case officer at Bember police station and soon an unexpected phone call disrupted the routine.

Vilangu Web Series

Paridi races against time to find the culprit and solve the case. But when a personal incident demands his time and attention and he finds himself on the road, Karapu has the answer.

Vilangu (zee5) Full Web Series Analysis: Story, Episodes, Cast, Actors Salary, Release Date, Budget, Ott Response, Review, Ratings & More

Classic evidence makes the case worse, making the investigation faster, while new evidence only adds to the confusion. Paridi and his friends have different ideas, but an unexpected situation awaits them.

Paridi’s unexpected discovery solidifies the case and says they are on the right track. Paridi believes he has found the culprit, but the suspect reveals something Paridi missed.

Paridi was convinced he had found the right person and pointed him out. But a lack of evidence threatens to undermine his efforts. Desperate to save himself, Paridi chooses the wrong path.

Paridi is close to solving the case, but his erratic actions land him in trouble. With the speed of the investigation slowing and time running out, can Paridi find a way out?

Vilangu Web Series (2022) Full Episodes Online On Zee5

Paridi can solve the problems that arose during the investigation, but he must find an answer to the original question about the cause of the accident. Can he find this last piece of information that can bring his world together?

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Vilangu’s star film is this: Instead of sticking to one true story, Manohar and Ineya weaved together several true stories from their encounters with the police, says young director Prasanth Pandiyaraj.

Young actor Prasanth Pandiyaraj has been thrust into limelight due to the success of his latest web series Vilangu. He gives interviews non-stop, and at the beginning of this interview he says that he doesn’t even have time for lunch. While his original Bruce Lee comic was born out of the director’s sense of humor, Wheelang is something different. “I wanted the title of the series to be The Hand, but I found a Tamil title because the story is rooted. Our friend Doss (the director of Dora) recommended this to us and we thought it was a good fit.”

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Vilangu is said to be based on a true story. Instead of sticking to one story, we mix together many stories from the history of our encounters with the police. program in the script,” said Prasanth.

Interestingly, Vilangu’s discovery begins when he is working on bad news. “After I shared some interesting statements I got from the police, producer Madan Sah (Escape Artists Motion Pictures) suggested I make a story out of them. I wanted to know better how the company and the police work smoothly.”Tamil cinema is nothing. new to police stories, but Virang is one of the few films set in a rural setting. “We want to know the difference between this system and what’s happening in the city. It’s helpful because I can show that character.”

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Prasanth seems intent on getting someone who doesn’t look like an ordinary cop. “I wanted someone like us. When I was dating Muthukumaran Anna (director of Vemal’s Kanni Raasi), he took me to Vemal Anna’s house. When I wrote the script, it was said that Vemal liked him, but he didn’t want to leave. from working in a cop .Vemal to know the extent of my character will discover the background and story of my character Paridi and some he suggested Bala Saravanan to say a few lines for better effect. a lot of freedom.

The series also shows Bala playing an important role, making him different from the enthusiastic character he is often portrayed to be. “He is a good friend who knows all my stories. So does Munishkanth… both of them understand my kind of work. I know that Barra will entrust me with an amazing role.

Vilangu: Vimal’s Investigative Thriller Series To Premiere On Zee5

Although the series depicts violence in prisons, Prasanth makes it clear that he is careful not to glorify it.violence, I have seen cases where the accused, knowing that they are being chased by the police, cut off their hands and run away, the police had to give him medical aid, give him food and bring him. How do you deal with these things? and as a creator I’m against it, admits to condemning violence despite positive reviews. Says the director. I just want to show what happens in life, of course. I don’t want to criticize him or give him credit. I want to show that things like this still happen and I’m glad that society understands that they are wrong. “

Another criticism the series faces is the lack of a strong female character, despite having many police officers and featuring Ineya as the female lead. Prasanth did not accept this criticism. “The story itself

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It’s about women. DSP visits to give an invitation to her daughter’s wedding, an investigator is busy with her grandson’s piercing ceremony, Paridi has a daughter and wishes her all the best. The villain has a daughter. And I want him to live a good life… you have to lose. Um. All these texts are written with mothers and wives in mind. If we don’t think we are good enough, we will work on it next time,” Prasanth said with a smile.

Prasanth is hesitant to delve, but Virang has a few lines to throw out about the cast. “I want to reveal how caste plays an important role in the investigation. When I asked him if his original plan to do a crime script was still working, Prasanth answered honestly: there are a lot of stories to tell, so we’re doing it. I don’t know if it will happen soon

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Wrapping up the conversation, Bala Saravanan walks in and reminds Prasanth about his lunch plan. Turning to me, he says. Go to the interview and the host is interested in the process and later says he didn’t see it. I couldn’t laugh much at crossing that line, but it was a brave choice on the part of the filmmakers not to cast Bala Saravanan as a comedian in his acclaimed web series, Villang, which is running now. It helped to highlight again. and which ones

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