Tupperware Chef Series

Tupperware Chef Series – The 20 cm long frying pan is the ideal shape for cooking meat, vegetables, pancakes and making French toast. It is the workhorse of the kitchen, the all-rounder. The Chef Series II is a premium line of cookware that offers superior performance and durability for both novice and experienced chefs. The anodized aluminum material is harder than steel and heats very quickly and evenly for impressive cooking results. The anodizing process creates a non-stick coating that better resists flaking or peeling, and an encapsulated base ensures better heat retention without hot spots during cooking.

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Tupperware Chef Series

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Chef Series Sauce Pan (1) 2.4l

Absolutely love this pan. Love the non-stick in this pan and so easy to clean up afterwards

My first non-plastic purchase! I have also never used a lidded frying pan so excited for my cooking adventure. So happy with the quality and they are compatible with gas, electric or induction.

For a limited time, everyone with a consultant gets a free silver membership to our loyalty club.

For a limited time, all party shoppers receive a free silver membership to our loyalty club. Also suitable for small portions. Family households will love them for preparing individual portions. Have you ever baked pan bread or baked cookies in the pan?

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Tupperware Chef Series 2,8 Literes Nyeles Edény

Chef Series Cottage Cookware – your new premium cookware of the extra class. It combines all the features you appreciate as a hobby cook and a professional chef: an excellent non-stick coating that makes every preparation very easy and ensures easy cleaning, a quick and happy heat distribution and long heat retention. and use of the oven. This gives you a wide range of possibilities. So cooking is fun!

Cottage Cookware Pan 20cm is the perfect size for single households. In addition, this pan is also perfect for all families to prepare individual meals.

This makes 1-2 portions of many delicious dishes perfect: from fried eggs or scrambled eggs to vegetable casseroles, meatballs, cutlets or even desserts, such as Kaiserschmarren, to small portions of side dishes.

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Want to learn more about Cottage Cookware? Then let yourself be inspired: to the collection page Chef Series Cottage Cookware

Tupperware Current Catalogue 14/05

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