Total Gym Fit Signature Series Plus

Total Gym Fit Signature Series Plus – The Complete Clinical Package includes four additional tools to provide clinicians using the Encompass PowerTower with comprehensive support, from rehabilitation to sport-specific strength training and progress analysis. The RS Encompass Power Tower + includes the following accessories: Pulley Foot System, Weight Bar, Press Bar and Crush.

Comes standard with Closed Chain Platform, BAPS Adapter, Retractable Dip Bars, Squat Grab Bar and Sliding Distance Regulator.

Total Gym Fit Signature Series Plus

As mentioned above, the RS Encompass PowerTower Clinical Complete Package adds four additional tools to provide clinicians with comprehensive support in using the Encompass PowerTower, from rehabilitation to personal strength training to sport and progress analysis.

Pilates Exercises Exercises

What makes the RS Encompass PowerTower® different from other comprehensive fitness units? Specially designed for recovery and sports recovery, the RS Encompass PowerTower® allows weight to be changed at the push of a button during exercise. With 26 adjustable levels, it can withstand loads between 1 – 72% of body weight. Patients can also adjust the movement while exercising using the remote control. Will the RS Encompass PowerTower® fit easily in my home? When unfolded, it measures 107″ L x 38″ W x 64.5″ H. The unit is easily adjustable as it aids hydraulic ignition. It folds vertically and stores. Assembly is 20″ L x 38″ W x 64.5″ H. How can I get my patients back faster with the RS Encompass PowerTower®? The RS Encompass PowerTower® simulates and amplifies the way your body exercises daily and stores these activities in your muscle memory. Providing the best training experience, the machine offers multiple movements in the plane and unlimited movement in everything, working many muscles with the challenge of capacity and stabilization points. Aircraft design with incline adjustment, adjustable glide board and adjustable strap system provides convenience for beginners and user skill levels and gives experts the opportunity to exercise to create recovery goals and training. Can it help patients with spinal cord injuries or those who need additional assistance after surgery? Yes, this adjustable glide board provides good back alignment and training flexibility. The degree of incline can be easily adjusted to suit the patient’s needs, and the Glide Distance Regulator allows you to set the most effective glideboard length for training and post-exercise movement restrictions. The RS Encompass PowerTower® is versatile and can be upgraded by almost any patient with physical needs. Why should I buy the RS Encompass PowerTower® instead of other recovery products? The RS Encompass PowerTower® variant provides results at all operating levels on three major planes. Offering unlimited range of motion, the power angle of the cable can be adjusted according to the client’s size, environment and training goals. The RS Encompass PowerTower® provides full body support, is driver friendly and never fails. With over 250 applications, the RS Encompass PowerTower® Clinical Pack (and various accessories) will accelerate your patient’s recovery faster than any other product. Do I need to make special changes to my home to accommodate modern equipment? Number. If you are in the USA, the RS Encompass PowerTower® will only connect to a standard US outlet. If you are outside of the USA, you must purchase the appropriate adapter for the socket type in your country. Can I get more information about other exercise options? Yes, Total Gym offers video solutions for physical therapy services designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness when using the RS Encompass PowerTower® with patients. Visit for more information.

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Discount codes cannot be applied to vehicles. Please make sure your vehicle meets the requirements to apply this discount code. Designed to be easy, accessible and challenging for all fitness levels, the ELEVATE Circuit® consists of 5 active ingredients that provide 7 levels of stability for a more intense workout. And in the amazing new matte black!

Adopting the proven training principles of the PowerTower and GTS, this 5-pack of fitness equipment applies the unique concept of weight training as a resistance technique rather than intense resistance.

The ELEVATE Circuit® can be installed on the ground as a dedicated group power circuit or used in a group such as an exercise class or station. The ELEVATE Circuit® consists of more than 80 exercises and is one of the most comprehensive suites of fitness equipment designed to keep members on top.

Total Gym Rs Encompass Powertower®

ELEVATE Circuit® is commercial exercise equipment that provides safe and effective strength training. Using the same principle as the GTS Total Gym, each part of the circuit uses weight as resistance – so no stacks or plates. This particular line can be used as a tool for personal training, as a private session at the gym, or as the basis for a group training program.

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With five machines less than 200 square meters and more than 80 activities, ELEVATE Circuit® offers a variety of fitness equipment.

Visual, easy to use, and with graphic panels on both sides, the ELEVATE Circuit® can be installed on the weight training floor or functional training area anywhere for the team to use.

Ideal for personal trainers, the ELEVATE Circuit® can be used to enable clients to quickly introduce an active training regimen and provide opportunities for improvement.

Total Gym X Force

ELEVATE Circuit® offers an exciting solution for group training. Each piece can be included in a circuit-style workout with other exercise equipment or used as a bootcamp. Minor adjustments and simple exercises make it easy to manage a group of any size.

How many devices are in the circuit? The area is 5 in total.

Best place in the club to place the ELEVATE Circuit® The circuit can be placed on the weight training floor or in the functional training area wherever the team uses it internally. Can members use ELEVATE Circuit® on their own? Yes. Each tool includes detailed instructions describing the activities and how to use the tool as a circuit, making things easy to access. Can all members use the ELEVATE Circuit®? Yes, the program allows for more than 80 activities that can be adapted or modified to accommodate health and safety at all levels and the quality of the equipment. The circuit is also a non-caring partner. What makes ELEVATE Circuit® so simple and easy to use? The ELEVATE Circuit® is specifically designed for smart use with only one weight. Each group displays a flag describing a possible action. Workouts can be advanced or retroactive to accommodate all fitness levels. Can ELEVATE Circuit® be used as a profitable training center? Yes. Circuit also offers exciting solutions for team training. Each piece can be included in a circuit-style workout with other exercise equipment or used as a bootcamp. Minor adjustments and simple exercises make it easy to manage a group of any size. Why do members use ELEVATE Circuit® and other devices in my home? The ELEVATE Circuit® bridges the gap between traditional weight training equipment and areas of hyperfunction, as members of all fitness levels can train effectively. Unlike all other devices, the ELEVATE Circuit oscillates as a percentage of body weight, not 100% of body weight, so for example those who cannot exercise regularly can use this device. How will weight training benefit my team? Weight training is effective in building muscle, as you do more natural movements that make the game faster and more efficient. This type of functional training benefits the entire body, as it is designed to demonstrate how the body works. The circuit incorporates the unique concept of weight training as a resistance tool, rather than the traditional weight resistance built into most gym equipment. How can my team do a full workout in 30 minutes? Each machine in the circuit targets specific muscles and specific muscles. Members will work their entire body in about 30 minutes by following the program shown on each team’s poster. How can my instructor and team members learn more about additional exercise options? More exercise options are available here.

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Everyone here loves Circuit Elevate. It’s fun and different from the other tools out there. You can easily make a complaint. Good feeling, good feeling, soft.

Total Gym Fit Signature Series Plus Only $699.00

Elevate Circuit is perfect for working with teenagers and young adults. They are very happy when they can do Pull-ups or Press-backs or Jump and Squat. It is a very useful tool.

Many families with children use the elevator circuit. Health teachers introduce families to circuits during physical activity; It helps

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