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torylands has Awaiting his opening statement, he was charged with a third felony charge for claiming he shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot more than two years ago.

Prosecutors on Monday added a new charge of gross negligence during jury selection in the case, rolling stone Learned.

Lanez, whose legal name is Daystar Peterson, previously pleaded not guilty to one felony charge each of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. He also faces a firearms charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm on his own.

The new charge could carry a six-year prison sentence, and he would still be deportable if jurors choose to convict him of wrongful dismissal instead of the more serious assault charge. (This go to prom alone Performers are Canadian citizens. ) If convicted on all counts, Peterson will still face a maximum sentence of 22 years and 8 months. A new charge will not increase exposure because it involves the same alleged conduct, so any related sentences will be executed concurrently.

Peterson, 30, is accused of pointing a semi-automatic 9mm pistol at Meghan’s foot, yelling: “Dancing, bitch!” and opening fire before dawn on July 12, 2020.

According to Peterson’s preliminary hearing testimony last year, Peterson and Meghan were traveling in a Cadillac Escalade with Meghan’s best friend, Kelsey Harris, and Peterson’s bodyguard when an argument left Meghan in Hollywood. Get off on a dark residential street in the mountains.

An LAPD detective testified that he was assigned to the case two days after the shooting and interviewed Megan Pete by phone on July 16, 2020, and then again in November 2020. He was interviewed again on the 12th. He said the “savage” singer clearly identified Peterson as the one who attacked her.

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“As she got out of the car, she heard Mr Peterson yelling obscenities at her, he said, ‘Dance, bitch!’ and he started shooting at her,” Det. Ryan Stogner testified.

“[Meghan]observed Mr. Peterson holding a gun, and then she observed him start shooting,” Stogner said. “Meghan immediately felt pain in her foot, noticed blood, fell to the ground, and crawled into the driveway of a nearby home … she described her injuries as bleeding profusely.”

He said Meghan initially lied and told police that she stepped on the glass because she was afraid of how officers would respond.

“She said she was very scared and embarrassed at the time, and because she was friends with the accused, she was afraid he was going to get in trouble, and she also expressed some concern about the political climate about the police and the shooting,” Stogner testified. “She was concerned about the recent police shootings, and she said she was concerned that the police might shoot the defendant because he had just fired.”

Medical records from Cedars-Sinai Hospital confirmed doctors found bullet fragments in Meghan’s feet, Stogner said.

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For her part, Harris has not spoken publicly about the shooting, but her friendship with Meghan has grown distant. She appeared at a previous hearing on a prosecutor’s subpoena and will testify.

At a motions hearing on Monday, the Conservatives’ new defense attorney, George Mgdesyan, argued that prosecutors should not have mentioned in opening statements that Peterson was allegedly in prison after the shooting. Apologize to Harris over the phone. He said it should remain off-limits until Harris testifies and lays a solid foundation for the call.

Los Angeles County Judge David Hereford said that as long as prosecutors sincerely believe Harris will testify, he will allow them to state what they think the evidence will show. He also said another witness might be able to lay the necessary groundwork. Regardless, prosecutors confirmed they expected Harris to testify.

The outlines of the jail call were revealed during Peterson’s probable cause hearing last December. “The defendant went on to apologize for what happened. He basically told Kelsey he was drunk and he was sorry for what he did.”

During cross-examination last year, Stogner said Meghan and Harris had been good friends for about seven years but apparently “stopped their friendship” shortly after the incident.

When she cross-examined Stogner under cross-examination, Peterson’s then-lawyer Sean Hawley claimed that “the altercation in the car escalated” as Peterson claimed he and Meghan had been in some sort of intimate relationship, while Harris She “already had a romantic interest in the Conservative Party.”

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Hawley then suggested that Harris may have fired a shot, focusing on a statement from a third-party witness who reported seeing some of the incident from a nearby balcony. The witness allegedly said that it appeared to him that the muzzle flash was closest to the non-victim woman at the time of the shooting.

On Monday, prosecutors asked Judge Herriford to rule that if Peterson refused to testify, his lawyers should be barred from pursuing a “third-party negligence defense,” in which they might name another possible shooter. Deputy District Attorney Alexander Bott said witness testimony from the balcony was all over the place, with the witness adamant that he “didn’t know who the shooter was.”

According to Bott, the man’s first statement stated that “nine people got out of the car: five men and four women.” (There were only four people in the car.) The man also allegedly claimed he was He was awakened by the gunfire, but did not see the shooting, Bott told the court. “Every time he makes a statement, the details change,” Bott said. “He’s very unreliable.”


Judge Herriford said Monday that prosecutors must file a written motion on the matter before he can rule.

Opening statements for the trial are scheduled to begin on December 12.


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