The Simpsons Predicted The Cancellation Of A Popular Musician?

Starting in 2021, The Simpsons predicts that Bad Bunny will get frustrated and break fans’ phones in a short featuring Homer and Maggie.

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The Simpsons Chris Ledesma

In a painful reminder that time marches relentlessly, it is possible The Simpsons Older than most of the people reading this. In the show’s 33 years on the air, what once seemed like amusing asides and handy gags has become highly accurate predictions. As the show’s official Twitter account pointed out, the writers did it again, accurately predicting that Bad Bunny would get in trouble for breaking fans’ phones (via TMZ).

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Global superstar Bad Bunny, the most streamed artist in the world for three years in a row and the most successful Spanish-speaking musician in history, is now entangled with his online fans for throwing a young woman’s phone into a river dilemma. According to the superstar, in a now-deleted tweet, he slammed his phone because fans didn’t show him “respect.”Allegedly, he’s always enjoyed a real interaction with his fans, but the phone on his face makes him think they’re looking for influence, which according to Bad Bunny is a display of disrespect that perfectly captures The Simpsonssort of.

The Simpsons The character appears in a short video and in the music video for “Te Deseo Lo Mejor”, in which Homer is obsessed with his phone. Maggie leaves her husband and ends up sitting in the front row of a Bad Rabbit concert when the musician calls them from the stage and breaks Homer’s phone. Someone, somewhere knows all too well how the “Booker T” singer feels about mobile phone fans.

forecast from The Simpsons They were considered adorable in 2012 when they portrayed Lady Gaga flying through the crowd at the Super Bowl, which ensued five years later, with the surprise election of Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016 , and shockingly accurate, Disney got Fox in 2019. What was once a cute meme has now reached the point where fans are trawling the episode for other interesting insights into our future.

bad bunny in bullet train

The Simpsons Bad Bunny may not appear in regular episodes, but assuming the Puerto Rican singer can recover from his cell phone incident, he likely will soon. 2022 is the star’s breakout year, with his latest album Un Verano Sin Ti, was the most streamed album of the year and the first fully Spanish-language album to be nominated for Best Album at a Grammy. The worldwide tour he supported, which sold out two shows at the legendary Yankee Stadium, was the highest-grossing tour of the year.

Plus, Bad Bunny Makes Brad Pitt’s Action Movie Debut bullet train As Wolf, a killer seeks revenge on the man who killed his wife. Earlier this year, he returned to WWE to officially compete in the annual Royal Rumble event, performing Canadian Destroyer against Matt Riddle before being eliminated by Brock Lesnar.immortal The Simpsons Usually a sign of celebrity “success,” but in Bad Bunny’s case, it’s now an allusion to an event the world’s most popular performance artist wants to forget.


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