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The romance between Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall had seeped into the dancehall landscape nearly two decades ago, when the recording artist chronicled their transition from friendship to love in lyrics and music videos for songs like Arguing, Why, and good love. And, of course, everyone remembers Good Ole Wife, recorded in 2011 on the iconic Matrimoney Riddim, with other artists Lady Saw, Tifa, DJ Liquid, Fambo, Sean Paul, Mr G and Chico playing in their sets Tracks on character rhythms.

Now, in their journey as a married couple and parents, the Mitchells have tapped a way to share their creative side, engaging Jamaicans both locally and in the diaspora, while presenting a true sense of family life through digital media. different views. Since 2020, an online vlog series called “Meet Mitchell” (MTM), which began during the lockdown of the pandemic, has seen tremendous growth in viewership and viewership, and was recently featured on CVM TV’s prime-time show and watched episodes of Never – A Confession Never Seen Before.

“I actually called it little-vlog-that-could, because when we started doing it two years ago, it was just documenting our day-to-day life and showing people that we were ‘regular people’, unlike other Families deal with similar challenges. Some of us have preconceived notions about how we live, but we were able to change that,” Tami told The Sunday Gleaner.

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She added: “We try to insist we’re not a perfect family, we don’t have a perfect marriage, we don’t even have perfect kids (laughs). While we’re not in the same boat, we’re all in the same storm. I said, ‘You’ve given me something new to try with my kids’ and it made me feel good, I never thought it would be like this. We’re excited to move to TV, and in doing so, we’ve worked hard to make sure It doesn’t put too much stress on us or our families.”

Wayne suggests that now is the time to “test the waters” on local television with unprogrammed and unfiltered family-focused content.

“Most of what people get these days is scripted, and with Meet The Mitchells being a real-life series that shows how families are structured and how they function, I’m proud that our normal lives, the actions we’ve gone through so far, we’ve decided The content shared has inspired and entertained a broad audience. That’s why we’re excited to expand on local television. I can’t wait to see how it inspires Jamaica,” he said.

On September 20, 2009, Tami and Wayne celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. Describing Tami as his “vulnerability coach”, Wayne admits he was a skeptic before seeing the public reaction to their vlogs, and was also apprehensive about showing their vlogs his unfiltered side, especially He had an image as a ballroom entertainer, but soon realized it had a positive effect on audiences and his own family.

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He said: “As a dancehall entertainer, yuh nuh wanted to go to the clash, someone took something they saw online and used it, but Tami guided me. She was vulnerable all the time, and I watched people react to those moments The responses, especially in the comments section, showed me how it affects people, and based on that, I wanted to be an inspiration by giving them that side of me. People who aren’t vulnerable are never vulnerable. When you become When you’re vulnerable, you realize that’s the release you need. Beyond that, when we can release it into the world and take the load off your shoulders, we pack it up and keep it inside. It’s a masculine, macho act that we all do as men, and Jamaican men are cut from dah cloth deh.”

For Tammy, Wayne said, he’s trying to provide both traditional and new ways to connect with family during their parenting journey.

“The overarching theme that I aspire to do is bring practical family values ​​to the forefront. We’ve tried a lot of things, as a society, in order to set all sorts of things [an] For example, but why don’t we try to bring positive family energy into the mainstream, stop complaining, and see if we can have a real, tangible impact on people. It’s really just a way for us to grow and learn and the audience to do it with us while being inspired and entertained,” he said.

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Their parents are also on board as new adventures with Meet The Mitchells are planned. Tami’s father, Richard Chin, who added flavor to the series, said he was “couldn’t be happier for them, because I believe that when a new door opens, you should go through it, not wait until it closes you”.

“I have so much faith in what they’ve done to put our family out there, really, I don’t need to say it, but I will say, they’re amazing kids,” Chin continued.

Paulette Mitchell, who also attended the launch and starred in the first episode of the ‘Best of MTM’ series, said she was delighted to see her son’s development as a partner and father become something of national and international significance .

“I have a friend in Austria who appreciates this piece of Jamaica so much, she can often tune in and see a family, my family, in their element. It shows how nature and being so real can impact this country and around the world People. I saw how my son was growing up, and how the show was going, and I knew there was something on the horizon, and I was happy,” shared Mitchell.

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