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The Break Tv Series

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Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) finds himself in a desperate situation: his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) has been sentenced to death in Fox River. He was arrested for killing an American…

Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) finds himself in a desperate situation: his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) has been sentenced to death in Fox River. He was accused of killing the vice president’s brother. A surveillance camera recorded the crime. However, Lincoln still maintains his innocence: when he arrives at the scene, he tries to kill her, but she is already dead.

No one believes him except his brother. After exhausting all legal means to avoid execution, Michael dared Lincoln to break out of prison. As an engineer involved in modifying prison facilities, he devised a carefully thought-out escape plan. To accomplish this, he commits a half-hearted bank robbery that leads to his conviction and imprisonment in the same prison as his brother.

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However, Michael quickly learns that not everything at the prison will go according to plan. The time of Lincoln’s assassination has already been set.

Rte Drama Clean Break Concludes With Dramatic And Unsettling Scenes Tonight

Meanwhile, Lincoln’s ex-girlfriend, attorney Veronica Donovan (Robin Tunney), continues to investigate the murder. At first he – like everyone else – believed it was his fault.

But he has more suspicions: the man killed was the head of another energy company. His death was probably due to political and oil industry interests.

Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield), Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burroughs), Amauri Nolasco (Fernando Sucre), Robert Knepper (Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell), Wade Williams (Bradley “Brad” Bellick), Sarah Wayne Callis (Dr. Sarah) Tancre), Paul Kadelmenstein’ C-Note Franklin), Robin Tunney (Veronica Donovan), Stacey Keach (WardenHenryPope), Phillip Lear (C.O. John Hard (Walley Frank Tancredi), John Billingsley (Terrence Stedman), Daniel J., Milan Chailov ., Brad Turner, Jace Alexander, Matt Earl Beasley, Brian Spicer, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Jesse Bochco, Nelson McCormick, Harry Brown, Sanford Booker, Verne Gillum, Robert Mandel, Brett Ratner, Jess Salvador Trevijo, Michael W. Wattens, Randy Zisk, Guy Ferland, Fred Gerber, Eric Laneville, Peter O’Fallon, Dean White, Mark Helfrich, Craig Ross Jr., Jonathan Glasner

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Paul Scheuring Zach Estrin Nick Santora Karin Usher Matt Olmsted Seth Hoffman Paul Scheuring Kalinda Vazquez Christian V Trocki Monica Maker Nicholas Wotton Michael Horowitz Graham Roland Michael Pavone Vaughn Wilmott Joshua Goldin Rachel Abramowitz 13 Kara

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Fernando Arguelles, Jeffrey C. Mygatt, Robert LaBonge, Chris Manley, Robbie Greenberg, Rick Anderson, Dante Spinotti

Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Robert Kenper, Sarah Wayne Callies, Amory Nolasco, Wade Williams, William Fichtner, Paul Adelstein, Robin Tunney, Peter Stormare, Silas Weir Mitchell, Marshall Allman, Rockmond Dunbar, Jody Lynn O’Keefe, Leon Rossom, Stacey Keach , Michael Rapaport, Robert Wisdom, Tracy Letts, Frank Grillo, K.K. Dodds Phillip Edward Van Leer Barbara Eva Harris Muse Watson Patricia Wettig Reggie Lee Christian Stolte Jason Davis Matt DeCaro Danai Garcia Lane Garrison Mac Brandt Danny McCarthy Chris Vance Carlo Alban Michelle Forbes Kim Coates Heather McComb Mark Pellegrino Jose Zñiga Lori Petty Kaley. See Cuckoo, Anthony Fleming, 31 Ric

TV series (2005-2009). Season 5. 90 episodes. Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is a desperate man in a desperate situation – his brother Lincoln Burroughs (Dominic Purcell) is convicted of sensational murder and sentenced to death at Fox River State Prison. Despite the evidence against Lincoln, Michael still believes he is innocent. With no other options and no clock ticking, Michael and his brother hold up the imprisoned bank. Once inside, we learn that the prison engineer who taped Michael’s upper body with a structural engineer has a grand plan to break Lincoln and prove he was framed for the crime.

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