The best seven celebrity memoirs of the year

We might have had a hunch that Matthew Perry had a really interesting story to tell, but as ‘Friends,’ ‘Lover,’ and ‘Something Scary’ (headline) reveal, reports of his mental health and struggles with addiction Just the tip of the iceberg. In his autobiography, the Friends star details a series of health problems his abuse of drugs like Xanax and OxyContin left him with, including erectile dysfunction and a ruptured colon that left him on life support system.

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40 chapters through Bono’s long-awaited memoir Surrender: 40 Songs A Story (Hutchinson Heinemann) The U2 frontman details his love affairs and heartache, including his mother’s death when he was a teenager and his complicated relationship with his father. His affection for his bandmates shines through in the writing, but he’s also honest with them, including bassist Adam Clayton who missed a taping of a TV show after he was found unconscious in his hotel room because he drank Alcohol and drugs.

Over the years, Geena Davis has been one of those stars whose career has been a little confused: She seemed to burn so brightly in the early 1990s before fading away.exist death of manners (William Collins) The actress explained the arc and detailed the alleged harassment she co-starred with Bill Murray in the 1990 film quick changeShe wrote that Murray forced her to let him massage her and screamed before she had an attack.


Geena Davis star shines in the 1990s

The extraordinary life of ordinary people (Century) may be the celebrity autobiography of the year, the result of 14,000 pages of lost audiotape transcripts in which Paul Newman (died 2008) examines his own life with relentless honesty. Newman had a feud with his mother, and even as he became Hollywood royalty, he relied on alcohol to numb himself. Whether he’ll want the book published is another matter, but it’s certainly a fascinating read.

If Paul Newman’s memoir has a kind of voyeurism about reading someone’s therapy notes, so does Hugh Bonneville’s playing under the piano (Abacus,) is more like “One Night” with its well-practiced anecdotes.This downton abbey The star relentlessly pokes fun at himself and details several instances of professional embarrassment — including a memorable trauma at a public urinal before a casting session — and is always entertaining.

out of the corner By Jennifer Gray (Ballantine Books) – Of course, the title is a reference to “Nobody Puts Babies in the Corner” face dance, Gray’s most famous film, and while there are flashbacks about her co-star Patrick Swayze, the most surprising material involves Gray’s friendship with Madonna. The singer consoled Gray after her split from Matthew Broderick and even threw her a single-girl ‘slut’ party where she invited ‘sexy’ Alec Baldwin as a gift for Gray .

have a lively tone manage expectations Minnie Driver’s (Bonnier) work belies some of the pain it contains: Driver details the aftermath of her parents’ divorce, her struggles to become an actress, and her discovery of Matt Damon (Matt Damon) the horrific moment he cheated on her in a magazine and saw him kissing another girl.


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