Ryan Reynolds admits singing and dancing in new holiday musical ‘Spirited’ was ‘obscenely challenging and scary’

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in 'Heroes' (Apple+)

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in ‘Spirit’ (Photo: Apple+)

Make no mistake, the new holiday comedy high spirits is a complete musical. That means its stars, Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer — actors not usually associated with the genre (or with no experience at all) — are in full song-and-dance mode.

It’s been scary at times for 46-year-old Reynolds dead Pool Actor and father of three daughters.

“It’s very exciting to take on something that’s very challenging and scary,” Reynolds told Yahoo Entertainment. Think I’m at a place in my life where I’m much more forgiving of not being good at something right away.It’s hard to be good enough at something unless you’re willing to start off badly.

“Here’s something I always tell my kids: Never waste your mistakes because your mistakes teach you how to be better at something. So, yeah, I’m kind of at a certain point in my life. A place where I’m willing to get into a situation where I feel totally out of my depth in almost every way. I mean, you give me a fight sequence and I’m going to learn it back and forth in almost record time. But a dance Numbers are such a whole different animal and beast. I’m excited to try something a little bit scary, beyond my imagination.”

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The latest film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ seminal 1843 novella christmas carols Reynolds stars as Clint Briggs, a manipulative PR shark whose “incurable” status only inspires the specter of Christmas presents that Ferrell loves to challenge.However, Briggs managed to turn the tables in “Now,” forcing Ghost to examine his own existence in the afterlife in the Sean Anders-directed film, which uses elements from la la land and greatest showman Hit producers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

speak of greatest showmanRenault denies high spirits It’s him trying to keep up with the musician himself, longtime friend/fake enemy Hugh Jackman recently recruited by Reynolds deadpool 3 With great fanfare.

“Not even far,” Reynolds said with a laugh. “Singing and dancing is in that man’s DNA. It’s out of my hands.”

Reynolds said he was relieved to be working with Ferrell as the two entered a new genre together. (Though both appeared briefly in the 1999 comedy cock perky Marking the first time they shared a screen together. )

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“He and I had to do it together in a way that we’d never ventured into a full-length musical before,” Reynolds said. “We both have elements of the movie, we might sing for a second or something like that, but not a musical. So for both of us, we’re kind of out of our depth. So I have a comrade in that process. I there’s someone by my side who i can sympathize with [with] Together. “

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 7: Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell at Apple Original Film's

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell attend the New York premiere of Spirited Away at Lincoln Center on November 7, 2022. (Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images,)

Maybe that helped Ferrell deliver a true contemporary Christmas classic in 2003 Elf. Maybe it doesn’t.

“These are some great shoes to jump into,” Reynolds said. “This is the one movie my kids and the whole family see every Christmas.”

Elf It’s a grim reminder that there only seem to be two types of Christmas movies in the end. Those that become classics are watched or played by the masses every holiday season. Or those are just forgotten.

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“You don’t know,” Reynolds said. “I mean, no one knew. The funny thing is, I don’t think you can really judge a great movie or something that people come back to in a few years. doesn’t necessarily work. I mean, you can go back to wizard of oz think about it.you can trace back to life is wonderfulMovies that didn’t hit theaters or pierce the zeitgeist in the way one might want them to, but have stood the test of time time and time again.

“After 30 years in the entertainment industry, what I know about the entertainment industry at 46 is, I don’t know anything. You just don’t know anything. That’s one thing I’m sure of.”

Reynolds is also convinced that despite the “extremely challenging and scary” experience of channeling his inner Fred Astaire (or Hugh Jackman) in a musical for the first time, in the end he really, really likes it.

“I don’t pretend to be the best on earth, but God really likes to sing and dance,” Reynolds said. “I just love every second of it. It’s really fun, especially when it’s going well. It’s a different feeling.”

high spirits is now playing in selected theaters, and It will be available globally on Apple+ starting November 18.


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