RPMGlobal launches nextgen mobile asset management solution AMT Mobile

Posted by Paul Moore on 10 November 2022

RPMGlobal chose last week IMARC in Sydney, attended IM, launching their next generation mobile asset management solution, AMT Mobile. AMT Mobile is a dedicated application that provides field technicians, managers and supervisors with the ability to digitize forms and processes while working remotely. The solution seamlessly integrates with SAP bringing critical corporate data to the workers in the field.

This app can be used both online and offline, making it ideal for underground operations or locations without general Wi-Fi coverage. Workers simply go about their daily tasks and when they regain connectivity, AMT Mobile syncs the data entered throughout the shift.

According to David Batkin, RPM’s Executive General Manager of Product Strategy, this application will change the way maintenance specialists collaborate, receive and analyze information. “AMT Mobile puts the information in the hands of the users and removes the tedious task of filling out sheets of paper every shift” he said.

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Many processes in mining have long been paper-based including asset audits, safety audits and various task lists. This makes it an error-prone process for reliable data capture, data entry and storage.

“It’s hard to believe that in this day and age we can still rely on an individual filling out their work on a piece of paper, submitting that paper and then another person submitting it to a computer,” a Batkin said. “AMT Mobile allows you to do all of that at the same time on a mobile device. We use mobile devices in other aspects of our lives, it doesn’t make sense to rely on antiquated systems from decades ago to get our work done,” he said.

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AMT Mobile is designed to improve, automate and digitize inspection and checklist processes in the asset management space. This digitization replaces paper-based systems and post-action manual data entry. Data is immediately available while improving compliance and auditability across the organization. Real-time data capture and entry in a structured manner provides the business with more accurate reporting while meeting company audit and data storage requirements.

AMT Mobile builds on the industry-leading asset management software solution, AMT, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. AMT was designed exclusively for mining and is used to manage or track more than 50% of the world’s major mining equipment by miners, OEMs, dealers and contractors worldwide.

The first generation of mobile AMT used HTML technology to access a web page where a field worker could enter their data. The tool served the industry well for several years; however, this latest release of the application works natively for both Android and iOS systems.

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The solution provides notifications when a potential issue or comment is identified about an asset. Notifications may include items such as breakdown, priority, what caused the issue or what damage has already occurred. With the mobile phone in the user’s hand they can scan QR codes to access equipment, access the device’s camera to add photos as supporting evidence or add voice to text, streamlining the correction processes that follow.

“Whenever we create something new at RPM we look to revolutionize the way it’s currently done and AMT Mobile certainly ticks that box. Not only is the complete elimination of a paper-based process a huge win for users, but it’s also great for the environment,” said Batkin.


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