Pioneers And Pathfinders: Laura Frederick (Podcast) – Contracts and Commercial Law

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Pioneers and Pathfinders· Laura Frederick

Contracts are a hot topic in education, technology innovation and practice in the legal industry. In fact, we’ve had several guests on the show that focused on these aspects of contract management, but today’s guest focuses on contract closing. She asks a simple but important question: Can we learn to do a better job of negotiating and drafting better contracts? Laura Frederick is the founder and CEO of How to Contract. From her 26 years of practicing contract law, How To Contract teaches real-world skills in negotiating and drafting contracts. How contracts are formed is a fascinating story. Two years ago, Laura began sharing daily contracting tips as part of a 30-day challenge to post on LinkedIn. The reaction to the news was overwhelmingly positive, and Laura went from 1,000 followers on LinkedIn to over 33,000 followers today. This in turn led to her book, Practical advice on how to conclude a contract. Laura also founded How To Contract, the world leader in practical contract training for lawyers and professionals. Through training and events, it has helped thousands learn how to manage contract risk and close deals. Laura is also the managing attorney for Laura Frederick Law, PLLC, a boutique law firm located in Austin, Texas that assists businesses in need of practical and affordable advice on commercial contracts.

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In today’s conversation, we talk about Laura’s use of social media and her transition to being an entrepreneur. We also discuss what sparked Laura’s love of contracting, how and why she tackles the human side of contracting in a time dominated by technology, and the impact of SeyfarthLean on her development.

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