Passkeys passwordless logins unveiled by 1Password

Login passwords without a password

1 Password He has revealed a new technology that he is creating in form Passwords, allowing users to log in without using a password to access their secure accounts. “Imagine being able to do things online without passwords getting in the way. Password unlocks a new, simpler approach to signing in that works wherever you do – across any device, anywhere in the world.”

Passwords will be rolled out to the 1Password platform in early 2023though you can try out the live demo today over on the official 1Password website and sign up for early access if you want to try out the new technology before it’s rolled out to the masses.

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Passwords have been created for you login to apps and websites without a password and be in the form of digital credentials stored on your devices. Once installed you can then log in to your secure accounts using biometrics. “This makes them convenient and practical while still being extremely secure. Using a password to sign in feels just like unlocking your phone with your fingerprint or face” explains 1Password.

Login passwords without a password

“Your credentials don’t just protect your accounts: they let you work efficiently, shop safely, and protect your most valuable information. To build a successful password-free future, we need to keep passwords useful, accessible and convenient for everyone. That’s why the only way forward is to keep control of your data where it belongs: to you. Passwords unlock a new, simpler approach to signing in that works wherever you do—across any device, anywhere in the world. Passwords are coming to 1Password in early 2023.”

“Passwords are more secure than passwords: each account gets its own key, and cannot be stolen in a data breach. But how you store them matters. When it comes to protecting your data, “good enough” is not…good enough. Passwords should work seamlessly – without compromises or workarounds. You should be able to use the app or device of your choice to create, manage and authenticate passwords.”

“Today, you can choose how you manage your passwords—and who you trust to protect those credentials. As passkey becomes more popular, we need to make sure the choice is always yours.”

Source: 1Password

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