One Of The Best-Selling Steam Games Last Month Was A Police Sim

A police car sits in a parking lot, waiting to stop someone for no good reason.

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Only the valve has been updated list of the best new releases on Steam for November. The usual suspects are as Crysis 2 online and 3, Spider-Man: Miles Moralesand Online game Sonic Limits. It also has my favorite single player game of the year, Penitenceand a neat little pixely extraction shooter that caught our eye a few months ago called zero Sievert. But one of the 20 best-selling Steam games last month was, of all things, a fucking police sim.

Released last month, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers takes place in the fictional city of Brighton in the United States. The game asks you to “accept the badge” as a cop, which basically means harassing citizens with traffic violation citations, arresting them for drug possession, “running graffiti sprayers,” and other cop stuff. It currently has a “very positive” review status, with some active and former law enforcement officers weighing in on the comments, and others who didn’t get enough of a kickback for the bullying during the childhood, as well.

One reviewer summarizes a typical experience i Police simulator. It’s written out as a poem (and you should read it that way):

I started my first shift.
I saw a lady jay walking, so I stopped her.
She looked nervous, so I asked her to identify her.
I then decided to look for her.
She ran.
I shot her with my stun gun.
I found a switch blade and human teeth, so I captured her.
I called back up, and they threw her in the patty wagon.
Cleaning the streets, one person at a time.

I mean where to even start with this? Honestly, this does to Call of duty level from the last game looks like a seizure. And what about the human teeth? Do the devs accept that people carry such things around, and do the regular street cops spend most of their time stopping murders while trying to build teeth? “The first person I searched for, I found human teeth. 10/10” reads another review.

Other reviews suggest that this is pretty simple, a bit buggy and not lacking in civic duty. It seems that such a boring job is not up to everyone’s expectations. Another Steam review reads:

Prose[sic]: Be a cop.

Cons[sic]: Can’t be a bad cop.

The first thing I did was pull out my pistol and shoot a woman who was jaywalking and I got off work. I couldn’t even get the 16 bullets left in my magazine before reloading and yelling at her not to move.

Fun game, but a bit unrealistic.

7/10 – worth it for ramming your cop [sic] entering randomly and fleeing the scene.

“Shoot first talk later” reads another review. “This game was pretty fun at first” cried a negative review, “but unlike the LSPDFR mod in Grand Theft Auto V game, YOU HAVE to play a real Cop on duty. You don’t have real freedom to go around.”

I played a ton of it GTAgame where you regularly do horrible things to people, but this one makes me a little weird. I probably shouldn’t throw stonesand there are other examples of questionably tone deaf uses of police images in games. But it’s hard not to read comments from people complaining about that a game meant to simulate the daily work of the police it’s mostly that boring civil offenses like traffic violations aren’t exciting enough because it doesn’t give you many opportunities to shoot people.


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