Nupress brings SPEE3D’s cold spray technology to Australian manufacturers

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WarpSPEE3D SPEE3D printer is to be hosted at Nupress headquarters in Australia – allowing local Australian manufacturers and businesses to access the machine by subscription without having to lease or purchase it.

This unique subscription-based model will give existing Nupress clients in the mining, construction, aerospace, defense and medical industries and other Australian manufacturers access to SPEE3D’s patented cold spray technology – allowing them to source parts locally and quickly from a choice of 12 different metals.

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Nupress is a leading manufacturer of precision components and assemblies with over 50 years of expertise. Together with SPEE3D, the subscription service will enable Nupress clients and other Australian manufacturers to produce parts at the time of need, rather than waiting weeks or months through alternative supply chains. Metal parts can now be sourced locally, which will help manufacturing companies improve their operations and reduce costs. The subscription model offers between one and six slots – each delivering 25 times a print month, for 12 months.

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“Democratizing access to the WarpSPEED SPEE3D printer will help solve real problems of broken supply chains, manufacturing challenges, and massive delays for some of the world’s most prominent industries. Local Australian companies can now access our technology thanks to Nupress, allowing for smaller production runs, prototyping requirements, material developments, and other advanced manufacturing capabilities,” said Steven Camilleri, Co-Founder, and CTO of SPEE3D .

“For many years, Nupress has been dedicated to making our customers’ printing vision a reality, and we are excited to partner with SPEE3D to offer a state-of-the-art solution for metal additive manufacturing. Beyond the exceptional technology, SPEE3D shares our ‘world class’ commitment to developing new printing materials that will expand the opportunities across many industries and applications,” said Craig McWilliam, CEO of Nupress.

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Earlier this year, SPEE3D partnered with the British Army – demonstrating the WarpSPEE3D printer’s deployable technology to print metal parts in the field, and under various conditions during the exercise.


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