NRF 2023: Digitate’s SaaS-powered, Intelligent Automation Solutions Transform the Future of Retail Operations

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(Business Wire)– Digitate, (booth #5858) a leading provider of SaaS-based autonomous enterprise software for IT and business operations, announced today that during NRF 2023, the National Retail Federation’s premier industry event, it is showcasing its retail solution – Digitate for Retail. The solution, built on Digitate’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps) platform, has been successfully implemented by more than 50 global and Fortune 500 retailers to transform their retail operations.

Digitate for Retail integrates AI and intelligent automation to convert retail data across systems, applications and business transactions into actionable information. It streamlines the day-to-day readiness of a retail business and eliminates system failures by automatically identifying and diagnosing problems, proactively resolving them, as well as helping to predict and prevent them. As a result, IT teams gain end-to-end visibility to monitor, troubleshoot, and prevent critical business incidents early, delivering a consistent customer experience and revenue assurance.

Using the Digitate platform, retail enterprises can ensure resilient operations for critical business functions across retail and digital stores, e-commerce, and warehouses, reducing supply chain vulnerabilities. In addition, retailers are empowered to ensure timely completion of business workflows such as stock replenishment and deliveries, execute timely data synchronization across various applications and point of sale (POS) systems, inventory resolution, plan for periods peak demands, and ensure. 24×7 system availability and performance. Digitate enables retail customers to address challenges such as “prices not available at POS,” “off-shelf products,” service level agreement (SLA) fines, and application unavailability, which impact revenue and bottom line, and predict where the system will be in the future. problems may occur, allowing contingency plans to be put in place.

“Digital buyers in the United States are expected to exceed 275 million1 in 2023. Retail enterprises today rely on IT innovations to meet ever-changing customer demands, make business processes more agile and prepare for business uncertainties,” said Rajiv Nayan, Vice President, Sales and Client Services at Digitate. “Forward-looking IT leaders in retail enterprises are embracing AI and intelligent automation to enable end-to-end retail operations, enjoy complete visibility across complex hybrid technology stacks, and reduce the risk of incidents. We’re excited to showcase the benefits we’re delivering to our retail customers and partners, and how we’re enabling their autonomous retail enterprise journey so their IT teams spend less time resolving incidents and more time on innovation.”

The Digitate team will be present at booth #5858 to show how AIOps is changing retail.

Key business benefits of Digitate for Retail include:

  • Streamline business start day processes with business health monitoring

  • improve the customer experience by eliminating POS failures, not-on-shelf and not-on-file cases

  • Ensure availability, performance and capacity of business applications as well as underlying platforms and infrastructures

  • Monitor the health of critical business functions across geographically dispersed retail stores and digital applications

  • Proactively identify events, understand root causes and their potential business impact

  • Resolve incidents with intelligent automation

  • Ensure smooth business transactions across multiple payment gateways

  • Anticipate and resolve potential SLAs before they occur

  • Better management of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) operations.

  • Independently resolve system failures across POS, devices, applications and transactions

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About Digitize

Digitate is a leading software provider that brings agility, assurance and resilience to IT and business operations. Digitate’s flagship product, ignio™, is an award-winning AIOps solution that reimagines the enterprise business landscape with its unique closed-loop approach. It combines context, insights, and intelligent automation to resolve and prevent issues autonomously. Our customers span multiple industries and include global enterprises that are leaders and innovators. To stay up to date with ignio™ news and learn how our clients around the globe have benefited from our innovative solutions, visit us at and follow Digitate on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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