No More Sneaky Fees on Airbnb? Users Can Now Sort by Total Price

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Airbnb’s new pricing feature lets travelers find rental prices faster.

Important point

  • Some travelers prefer to stay in a rental house instead of a hotel because they want a more comfortable and spacious place to stay during the trip.
  • Airbnb is launching a new price search feature that will provide more transparency for travelers who want to see the total cost of a rental, including fees, without digging into the details. each house reservation.

Fares can add up quickly. When planning a trip, many people compare rental prices and hotels to find the cheapest place to stay. Airbnb recently announced a new search feature that will make it easier to compare rental prices. Here’s how to book a full-price Airbnb rental so you can stay on budget on your next vacation.

Say goodbye to unexpected fees

If you prefer space and privacy while traveling, you can rent an apartment or house instead of a hotel room. In some cases, vacation homes can be cheaper than hotels. But it’s important to research prices before booking to make sure your vacation rental fits your vacation budget. Otherwise, you may be in financial trouble during your trip.

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Until recently, it was not easy to budget the total cost of Airbnb by doing a quick search. Although the search tool shows the rental price, additional costs such as cleaning and service charges are not shown and will not be shown until the user enters the apartment details. In many cases, renting a house is much more expensive than it first appears.

Airbnb wants to make it easy to compare rentals so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The brand announced that starting in December 2022, it will start rolling out a new pricing feature to make it easier to compare property prices.

This feature will be available in countries without price display requirements. The total price will include all fees before tax and will appear in the search results on the map, filter, and listing page. With this new feature, the search ranking will also prioritize the total price.

How to work out the total cost of Airbnb

You will need to turn on this new feature to see the total cost of Airbnb. At the top of the site, Airbnb has a notice that says, “Show total starting price,” with a link to learn more. You will be shown more details if you click on “Learn more.” By clicking “Try Now”, you can activate this feature. If you are not interested right now, you can click “Mebe later.”

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It is easy to leave the total cost of the product. Since this feature is being rolled out to users over time, you may not see the option right away. As before, Airbnb users will continue to be shown a full breakdown of each rental price, including fees, by clicking on each property’s page. The total price can be checked and confirmed before finalizing the payment.

This new feature can help you save money on travel costs

Before you book your next vacation rental, be sure to turn this feature on so you can quickly find the best rental for your needs. It’s faster and easier for users to find properties that match their search criteria and budget.

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Most travelers may find it easier to find affordable accommodation with this upgrade. It’s a win-win situation, because you can save money and time. You should always consider your own financial situation when planning a trip.

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