Messi donning Qatari robe divides the internet

Argentina’s iconic victory against France in the 2022 FIFA World Cup came after a nail-biting game. While many of us are still celebrating Messi’s last-minute penalty win, others have taken to social media to criticize the Bisht, a Qatari dress, which he has adorned as he lifts the World Cup.

After their victory, the captain of Argentina was put in a ceremonial Bisht made of gold and visible material, which is usually worn by famous people for weddings and formal occasions, by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. While some praised the garment as a symbol of respect, others complained that it hid Messi’s national shirt a bit too much and hindered the “magical moment.”

” Great pictures from above and great pictures from inside the ground as Argentina won the World Cup for the third time and for the first time since 1986. This is a magical moment, it’s just a shame they covered up Messi in Argentina shirt ,” Gary Lineker said on the BBC when speaking to Pablo Zabaleta, a former Argentine football player.

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“Exactly why? There’s no reason to do that,” replied the former Manchester City right-back.

Messi later took off the Bisht and celebrated straight in the team shirt, but the conversation surrounding the dress continued on Twitter.

Visiting the microblogging website, sports journalist Laurie Whitwell wrote, “Qatar obviously wanted to be in the World Cup trophy pictures, so they put that black Bisht on Messi. No it was just an unnecessary look in a sea of ​​blue and white sports shirts. It should be a moment for the players, not the hosts.

“The longest wait for a trophy lifter ever and they did their best to destroy it. Why cover up Messi’s shirt with that? Ridiculous. Glad it’s ditched now,” said James Pearce, a reporter from Liverpool FC.

Senior football news reporter, Matt Slater also wrote his take on the sign. He said, “When I get a minute, I’m going to look at an old picture of previous World Cup ceremonies to see if Blatter or Havelange wanted to crash the pic that badly. Or if any captain was forced to throw the hosts ‘ national dress. That was strange. His Argentina shirt was fine.”

On another note, many fans spoke out against the criticism and urged commentators to stop their “black notes”.

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“Gary Linekar couldn’t help but make his snarky comments about a shirt given to Messi out of respect and honour,” said one Twitter user.

Other fans also pointed out that the robe is an honor and a sign of respect from the Qatari community. They wrote, “Gary Lineker is so unattractive in this World Cup. The World Cup is in Qatar, the Arab country of the Gulf. As a sign of respect and nobility, the royal Bisht is placed here on Messi. It is intended to honor his give Argentina and its captain As Mourinho would say: “Respect!”

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