Ma Dong Suk, Kim Tae Ri, & Nam Joo Hyuk selected as the film actors with the ‘Worst Manners’ by industry reporters

Inspired by ‘Golden Raspberry Award‘In the United States, the media Sports Beijing Conducted a survey with 34 Korean film industry journalists to determine Korea’s own award winnersRaspberry Award‘.

Sports Jingxiang Edition South Korea’s “Raspberry Awards” this year asked industry journalists to vote in three categories: 1)’Worst Movies of 2022‘, 2) ‘Worst Actor of 2022‘, and 3) ‘Worst Behaved Actors of 2022‘.

First, the movie’serve the people‘, directed by Jang Cheol Soo, was voted “Worst Movie of 2022” with 18 votes. A reporter commented, “Too many aimless sex scenes”, “Yeon Woo Jin’s sacrifice was in vain”, “This movie should no longer be released to the public”.

this Netflix– original movie’carter‘ received 9 votes for second place, while the director Choi Dong Hoonof’Alien‘ 7 votes for third place.

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actress next Chi An The actor of “Serving the People” Xiulian. A total of 21 journalists voted for the actress, citing the following reasons: “She just finished reading the script”, “I feel bad that Yeon Woo Jin keeps acting in front of her”, “Every line is a disaster”, and more.

The second place was So Ji Sub of “Alienoid” with 6 votes, as some reporters commented, “It’s not you, it’s So Ji Sub, the acting god”, “I’m not attractive, it scares me”ETC.

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In the end, actor Ma Dong-seok was named “The Most Unrespectable Actor in 2022” with 20 votes.

According to the reporter’s understanding, despite participating in the director’s Li compatibleof’review‘(sequel’desperadoes‘) Ma Dong-seok, who is both the lead actor and producer, refused to accept any media interviews due to his busy schedule. Instead, the actor’s agency simply retweeted a set of Q&As.again for his movie premiereplastic manIn November, Ma Dong-seok was absent from all promotional activities, and the remaining cast members conducted interviews and other promotional activities alone. Therefore, some journalists criticized the top actor with the following comments: “This is not the attitude a leading actor who is responsible for the crew should have” with “It was very unprofessional”.

“Alienoid” actress Kim Tae-ri came in second with 11 votes.Journalists Criticize Kim Tae-ri “Doodle in her interview”like “High school students Na Hee Do have stepped off the screen”. Another reporter commented, “She seems to have Rossi disease. She acts like a free-spirited person, but that’s just an excuse for being inattentive and unprofessional.”

Nam Joo HyukrememberHe was ranked third with 6 votes. He was selected by some reporters when he was absent from the promotional period of the film due to the controversy over underage drinking.

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