Local business is expanding to help out more families

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Friday, Integrated Behavioral Technologies began construction to expand its facility in hopes of helping more families.

Since 2010, Integrated Behavioral Technologies (IBT) has been providing in-home behavioral assessment services to autistic children and families in Pittsburg and Southeast Kansas.

The SEK team is happy to move out of the three rooms of the small clinic and into a larger space that accommodates their staff, clients’ families and staff.

In early 2023, IBT and Sonshine Child Care will open a new facility to provide clinic-based services for families and children with autism.

The clinic, which measures 2385 square meters, can serve 30 families.

Although based in Pittsburgh, IBT hopes that residents of nearby cities will contact them for their services.

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IBT was founded in 2002 to address the lack of autism treatment resources in Kansas, where 48% of the population lives in rural areas.

IBT expanded from Dr. Heitzman-Powell and a small group of professionals work with a few families to a company that employs more than 75 clinical staff throughout the state of Kansas.

The director of Dr. Linda Heitzman-Powell, Founder and CEO of IBT, is very excited about SEK Clinic.

“Since 2014, we have been talking about opening a brick building in this area with a landmark in the 5-year plan. Not only is this a site where families can enroll their children in evidence-based treatment, this is a facility that is specifically designed to address the needs of autistic children and their families from the age of diagnosis. first since transitioning into adulthood,” said Dr. Paige Boydston.

Boydston has been providing services to families in southeast Kansas since 2011. She is relieved to be able to provide more access to services in underserved areas of Kansas.

“I hope this center will be a resource for families not only in Pittsburg, but in the surrounding cities and counties as well. One of my personal goals is to help train and retain providers and professionals in the SEK area so that our work can continue to expand and provide much-needed support to families.

Pastor Talent and the IBT team are eager to work with Sonshine ChildCare Facility to provide much needed services in the SEK area.

“Victory Life Church is grateful to be a part of this grassroots opportunity to bring two vital services to our community. We know that IBT, under the leadership of Dr. Linda Heitzman-Powell, Dr. Paige Boydston and Jon Durney, have worked diligently to provide services to individuals with autism and their families in South-East Kansas. many years.”

IBT is open to serving anyone in Southeast Kansas and has served families in Pittsburg, Parsons, Ft. Scott, Chanute, Carl Junction MO, and Frontenac.

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