Kody Brown’s Daughter Tells Christine to ‘Go on Dates’ to Fix Marriage

  • Cody Brown’s Younger Daughter Ariela Suggests He ‘Date’ Kristin To Repair Their Marriage
  • Kristen and Trulli said an “awkward” goodbye to Robin and her children on Sunday’s show.
  • Kristen said she felt Robin’s children were “mad” at her for leaving the family.

On Sunday’s episode of “The Wife’s Sister,” Cody Brown’s youngest child suggested her father and his ex Kristen Brown “keep dating” to repair their marriage, leading to a very awkward scene Added a bittersweet element.

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At the end of the episode, members of the local Brown family in Flagstaff, Arizona gathered in Kristen’s backyard to say goodbye to her and her daughter Trulli, now 12, before they left the family and moved to Utah State.

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At the end of the tense farewell, Cody and his fourth wife, Robin’s daughter, Alila Brown (who was five when filming took place), asked Kristen a question.

Kristen Brown and Robin Brown.

Kristen Brown and Robin Brown.

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“Why did you and Dad break up?” she asked.

“We just don’t love each other anymore, you know? It happens sometimes,” Kristen said of her ex-wife’s daughter.

Christine assures Ariella that they still hang out with her sometimes, but Ariella has other ideas. “A date!” she suggested naively.

“Oh, well, it doesn’t always solve everything, honey. But thank you, what a great idea,” Christine replied with feigned glee.

Kristen and Cody announced their split in November 2021 after more than 25 years of “spiritual” marriage. In the first few episodes of “The Wives and Sisters,” it was established that one of the reasons Kristen left Cody was that she and her children felt that his and Robin’s families were more important to him than they were.

Kristen and Robin Brown.

Kristen and Robin Brown.


In Season 16, Kristen said in an interview that some of her daughters had a hard time “respecting” Cody because they saw he had a “favorite.”

“They struggled with how obviously he was more comfortable in some houses than others,” she added. Kody has been staying at Robyn’s home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as she has her youngest child and follows his strict guidelines on travel, social distancing and sanitizing household items.

In a separate interview on Sunday’s show, Kristen said she felt “embarrassed” answering Ariela’s question. She added that she knows “everyone wants to know” why she left Cody, but Ariella is too young to be “brave enough to ask”.

Robin has a hard time accepting that Kristen is leaving Cody, despite their strained relationship. She mentioned in early episodes of the show that, according to their Mormon denomination, Kristen and Cody “will not divorce” until Kristen “has a physical relationship with another man.” All the Brown lords agree that the rules don’t apply in this case, because Christine doesn’t believe in that belief anymore.

Merry Brown, Janelle Brown, Cody Brown, Kristen Brown and Robin Brown

Merry Brown, Janelle Brown, Cody Brown, Kristen Brown and Robin Brown

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Reflecting on the tense scene in the backyard on Sunday’s episode, Kristen noted that Robin’s eldest daughter from a previous marriage (whom Cody legally adopted) seemed “pissed” at her during the farewell.

“No, my kids aren’t mad at her,” Robin told the camera in a separate interview. “They’re innocents of all this, all the kids are.” She said it was “devastating” for everyone that Kristen left her family.

“Sister Wives” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.


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