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Iuo In Finance – If you’ve been following the Wolf’s Den update, it will be on the Phantom of the Opera series via press release.

If you are unable to add an FTM network using this method, you may need to add it manually.

Iuo In Finance

What is a “flow” sales method? Users can subscribe to the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for as little or as much as they want, and their final allocation will be invested in a percentage of the funds invested by other users. While the sale ends.

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The more you put in, the more you get, and you get back what you spent.

Consumers will receive a refund when they claim their tokens after the sale. A leak prevents a wallet from buying most of the tokens, leaving no chance for other investors to get anything.

27 November 27 (Saturday) ends at approximately 3AM UTC. This time may change as there have been some problems with the blockchain recently. Link to Timer at the top of the giveaway page

Connect your wallet from the top right corner and make sure you are connected to the FTM network. If you don’t know how to do this, watch the video on how to install it.

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After Sale – Claim the $DKNIGHT tokens you bought after the sale ends. Your outstanding amount will also be credited to you in the same transaction.

The token will go live and can be found on the site a few hours after launch. Trips will be given, so if you’re new and need help, give them a try if you’re not sure.

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Trava Finance, the leading decentralized marketplace for on-chain loans, has announced the launch of its latest product, Tradao. This development is expected to benefit the Trava Finance ecosystem.

TRADAO is the first protocol to support the use of multi-chain DeFi 2.0 and Web 3.0. It is designed as a Liquidity Protocol (POL) that collects value through regulated connectivity and auto-revision functions with Trava’s Treasury Department.

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Compared to other platforms in the DeFi 2.0 space, the TRADAO protocol offers users a number of unique values ​​through a native token called TOD. The TOD is a centralized reserve currency that backs the Trava Treasury so that it never drops below its original value of $1.

To ensure that this objective is achieved, the Mint and Burn mechanism has been introduced to ensure that the value is preserved through various incentives for the stockholders. Additionally, DeFi users can have a customized experience with TRADAO.

Users can use the LINK function to purchase TODs at a discounted price compared to exchanges on assets such as stablecoins, LP tokens and more. Qualified candidates will have a certain level of TOD marks under certain circumstances.

TRADAO allows users to purchase TOD tokens at a lower rate through the bond allocation feature. Users can then use their funds in the staking strategy to pay off their first loan.

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An exciting feature will be launched that will allow TOD owners to share their assets in a self-connecting warehouse and receive discount rewards. These profits come from proceeds from the sale of bonds held at Trava Treasury or from other activities under the Protocol.

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In addition, TRADAO has introduced a wallet reputation system that provides more benefits to users. This feature works like a credit scoring system. Higher wallet reputation will be provided to long-term asset owners in the Trova ecosystem.

Trava Finance has integrated TRADAO into its ecosystem. Grass Tokens are Management Tokens and Rewards Tokens. The owners will therefore be able to make recommendations and vote to determine the future of the projects.

In addition, TOD token holders will receive rewards in TRAVA tokens and can use them to purchase TRADAO bonds. TRADAO’s liquidity can be invested in Trava’s credit pool to achieve shared profits with users across the Trava ecosystem.

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The launch of TRADAO is expected to have a number of beneficial effects on the stability of the Trava ecosystem. Some of these include an increase in TRAVA TVL, TOD tokens in the Trava credit pool, and the addition of Trava assets as part of the TraDAO Wallet reputation.

Trava Finance plans to launch an Initial User Offer (IUO) by 3:00 PM on March 2. Participants would benefit from earlier use of the protocol. The event includes a whitelist, and lucky participants will be able to purchase TOD tokens at the lowest price prior to the launch of the DEX(es).

Trava will also launch the core features of TRADAO in the first quarter of 2022. Users can use their tokens to buy bonds and receive rewards. To learn more about Trava Finance and TraDAO, visit the links below.

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