How to insert page numbers in LibreOffice

If you need to know how to insert page numbers in LibreOffice to help organize a report, manuscript, or other type of document, don’t worry! LibreOffice is a very capable document editor with a wide range of capabilities – including tools to paginate your documents however you like.

Let’s look at how to insert numbers, and what to do if you need to reorder the pages in your document. It’s quite similar to Microsoft Word, so if you’re familiar with that process, this should be quick and easy for you. But don’t worry if not, it only takes a few clicks.

How to add page numbers in LibreOffice

If needed, you can find and download the latest version of LibreOffice here. It’s free to use, although you’ll need to grant it some permissions to access existing documents.

Step 1: Open your document. Choose a footer for your first page.

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Selecting the footer in LibreOffice.

Step 2: Select the Footer box to open its menu.

Enter the page number with a footer in LibreOffice.

Step 3: Choose Enter the page number.

Step 4: A highlighted page number will now appear in your footer and in all of your document footers on every page. The number will be displayed where the footer cursor is currently, so you can easily position your cursor where you want the number (the Tab key works well here) before entering the page number. You can also use the alignment buttons as you would with normal text.

Step 5: You can change the font and size of your page number using the same font tools in the toolbar that work for the rest of your document.

Step 6: For more options, double click on your page number, and it will bring up a number Edit field window where you select a variety of page number formats for a particular page.

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You will also see the Offset box here: The number you type here will remove that number of pages from the bottom of the document and start the page numbering system early — ie. if you typed “2” the last two pages in the document would not be numbered, and numbering would start at “3” instead of “1.”

LibreOffice Page Number Format.

Step 7: If for some reason your document doesn’t play well with footers because of the format you’re using or the work you’re doing, you can also add a page number but the put in tab in the menu, and select Page number

Enter Page Numbering Menu in LibreOffice.

Step 8: If you prefer your title page to not have a page number, you can navigate to your title page, select Format in the menu, and then select Title page…

This menu includes several options, including the ability to set a certain amount of it Title pages (such as those for a foreword, table of contents, etc.) and where you want them. These pages will not be counted for numbering purposes.

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Title Page Options in LibreOffice.

Step 9: You can also insert the current page number anywhere by moving your cursor to that location, selecting put inthen choosing Famine. Here you will see another option to Page number.

Step 10: You may have seen the option to Page count in these menus. This pastes the total number of current pages wherever your cursor is – don’t enter this and add a page number.

For more customization options, see our article on turning on dark mode for LibreOffice.

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