How to Create Polls in WhatsApp for Desktop and Mobile

WhatsApp is keeping up with the times with its new community building add-on that brings related groups into one place. After that, WhatsApp brings another feature to create polls in WhatsApp groups and personal chat. That will make your groups and communities fun.

Looking for a perfect restaurant for a family weekend trip? Or stuck with some hotel options for a summer trip? You can always create a poll in a WhatsApp group and ask other members to vote for their favorite restaurant or hotel from the list. The ability to create polls in WhatsApp chats and groups is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

Update WhatsApp on your phone or desktop

WhatsApp has recently started rolling out polls on mobile and desktop. The function may not show up for your account if you are using an old app build on your phone or computer. You need to update WhatsApp to the latest version to start using polls.

Mobile users can open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to install the latest WhatsApp build on their phones. If you use WhatsApp on Mac or Windows, go to the Mac App Store or Microsoft Store to update the app.

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Create a poll in WhatsApp for iPhone

You can create polls in personal and group chats. Since we are talking about accepting voting from other users, the function is more useful for WhatsApp groups.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select a group where you want to create a poll.

Step 3: Tap the + icon in the bottom left corner.

Step 4: Select Poll.

Step 5: Submit your question and add options.

Step 6: The app will create new fields as you continue to add poll options. You can also use the side button to drag and drop the options to change the order. Hit the ‘Send’ button in the top right corner to share the poll in a WhatsApp group.

All members of the WhatsApp group will receive a poll notification. WhatsApp displays the poll icon and the main question on the home screen. You can tap a radio button next to an option to cast the vote. If you change your mind, tap the radio button again to remove your vote.

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Anyone can vote for several options in a poll. All members can open the ‘View Votes’ menu at the bottom of the page to check member votes, time and total count. The steps to create a poll in a private WhatsApp chat remain the same.

Create a poll in whatsapp for Android

You can create a poll on WhatsApp for Android. Follow the steps below to start receiving votes from group members.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on Android.

Step 2: Go to any group or personal chat.

Step 3: Tap the pin icon at the bottom and select Hole.

Step 4: Enter the poll question at the top and add options.

WhatsApp will create more options for your poll. You can change the option order using the four horizontal bars to drag and drop the options around. After making all changes, hit the Send button in the bottom right corner to share the poll with others.

The only flip side is that you can’t edit a poll after you’ve created it. That means you will need to create a new poll with all the necessary changes.

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Create a poll in WhatsApp for Desktop

Good to see WhatsApp offering the same functionality on desktop. Here’s how you can create a poll on WhatsApp for Mac or Windows.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your computer.

Step 2: Select any group and click on the pin icon next to the message box.

Step 3: Select the Poll icon to open the ‘Create Poll’ dialog box.

Step 4: Enter your questions, add options, and hit the Submit button.

You can check the live progress bar when everyone starts casting their vote.

Delete a poll on WhatsApp

Unfortunately, there is no way to edit a poll once you create it in WhatsApp. You will need to delete it for everyone and create a new poll.

Step 1: Open a WhatsApp group or chat.

Step 2: Long press on your current poll and select Delete from the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 3: When a pop-up opens, select ‘Delete for All.’

Every Vote Counts

Unfortunately, the ability to create polls is not available on WhatsApp communities. We hope to see WhatsApp offering the same in public as well.


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