How Do You Overcome Stage Fright? 6 Tips to Help

“The retirement planning company I work for has just started holding seminars where various strategies are discussed with an audience of usually 50 or so people. The problem is stage fright. I have been reading your column for years and know you are a trial attorney, did some research and found several articles in the ABA Banking Journal on presentation skills – including overcoming stage fright – by Dennis Beaver. Is that you? Any tips or books on public speaking that you can recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, ‘Gary.'”

Yes, that’s me

Before attending law school, I planned to become a university speech teacher and earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in speech/communication. After becoming a lawyer, I applied these qualifications, taught speech at our community college and, for many years, presentation skills for banks at the Graduate School of Banking. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison every August.


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