Holoportation company Proto partners with StoryFile to recreate Walmart founder as life-sized hologram

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November 29, 2022 – Protocolprovider of mid-sized holographic communications solutions, recently announced that it is partnering with Story Filecreator of an AI-powered conversational video platform called ‘Conversa,’ teamed up with Walmart to digitally recreate the retailer’s founder, Sam Walton, as a hologram.

The Walmart Heritage Group debuted the hologram at the Southeastern Museum Conference in Bentonville, USA. A StoryFile recreation of Walmart founder Sam Walton in a Proto holographic device – the original 4k holoportation machine – teaches viewers about the retail company’s core values, Walton’s business rules, and answers questions about Walmart’s early history. The hologram will eventually be displayed in the Walmart Museum, which is currently being renovated.

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“Partnering with StoryFile to produce the Sam Walton hologram brought a new dimension to the Walmart Museum’s range of exhibits. It speaks to exactly how we think about our company: people-led and technology-powered,” said Alan Dranow, Senior Director, Walmart Heritage Group. “Conversational video is cutting-edge technology that allows visitors to the Walmart Museum to experience what it would be like to ask Sam Walton ‘direct’ questions about Walmart’s legacy. It is educational, inspiring and very engaging.”

StoryFile is the inventor of the Conversa AI chat platform, which provides tools to collect videos, create and train AI interactions, and publish content anywhere on the web. Conversa is already used by many Fortune 500 companies, according to the company.

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Proto created its self-contained, plug-and-play, 4K hologram unit, which is used by industries around the world including telecommunications retail, hospitality, education, entertainment, telehealth, the arts and more. Companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile, HBO, Netflix, the NFL, Christie’s, America’s Got Talent, Verizon, CBS Sports, PwC, DHL and others have used Proto’s holographic teleportation (or “Holoportation”) solutions for live beaming and display. bigger. The company’s technology has also been featured at events including the Super Bowl, the US Open, Art Basel Miami, and KCON K-Pop events.

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To find out more about StoryFile and its AI-powered ‘Conversational Video’ platform, click here. For more information on Proto and its holographic communication platform, click here.

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