Here’s how artificial intelligence is transforming the film and entertainment industry

The chief creative officer of the visual effects company wealthMonday’s Brainstorm AI Summit.

Speaking on stage at the San Francisco conference, Rob Bredow, Lucasfilm’s senior vice president of creative innovation, said the company prefers to use the term “face swap” over “deepfake” because “it’s not just about working. The problem is a deep algorithm … that’s one of the tools we use for sure, but we’re using a variety of tools.”

While Bredow said he expects machine learning and AI to be hugely transformative, it’s much more than that. According to Bredow, this has completely changed their workflow because what used to take 10 artists six weeks to do—in the case of face swaps—now, once trained in technique and materials, can be done in a few weeks. Get results in seconds with minutes of footage.

During the interview, a clip shows footage of Mark Hamill playing Luke Skywalker in the film mandalorian—just a younger version of him. Bredow explained that Hamill was acting off-camera and that he actually had a stand-in, while Hamill voiced the performance.

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The stuntman imitated Hamill’s movements and expressions, but it was the studio’s job to transform the stuntman’s face into Hamill’s. They do this by using machine learning techniques and their own in-house system, which was co-created by Disney Research and ILM’s own engineers. But it’s still not good enough for the highest quality movie streaming, so artists re-use other techniques frame by frame, sometimes to add more detail.

“We started working with filmmakers who wanted to make something that hadn’t been seen before,” he said. “That’s when they picked up the phone and called us…we started to be their visual storytelling partners. It’s all different techniques…from matte painting on glass 30 years ago to what we use today The latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, everything you need.”

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Bredow says the company is all about innovation. Online, he shared the story of an artist who released a version of their work, “a very, very good version on top of ours,” he noted. Bredo’s reaction? “How can I catch this guy?” he told the audience. Two weeks later, the artist started working at ILM.

“When someone is doing well, that’s the kind of guy you want to bring in,” he said.

Bredow also talks about Abba, as the famous Swedish band will be touring again in about 40 years – with a twist. It’s a digital recreation of the band members’ youth.

“The illusion is that you’re going back to the 1970s and watching Abba live in concert,” he said. “I mean, when we’ve been working on this show for three and a half years, all of us are like, is this going to work? It’s going to feel like somebody’s putting pressure on it, and we’re looking at the screen, or the audience. Will you get into it?”

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They were able to produce a show that would never have been possible without the same machine learning techniques he mentioned earlier — and Bredow even became a fan of Abba in the process.

What’s next?fifth indiana jones Movie.The trailer, released this month, reveals a look back at the past, using AI to make a youthful look of actor Harrison Ford possible

“Hopefully you’ll continue to see us pay attention to those finer details that make an actor’s performance as believable as possible, in this case, younger himself,” Bredow said.

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