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The Transamerica Institute® is releasing a new cookbook in the Healthier Traditions Cookbook™ series

LOS ANGELES, October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — More than one in 10 Americans (13 percent) plan to live to be 100 or older, but very few are taking adequate steps to protect their health, according to a recent survey. quickly.1 To help support people’s health and longevity, the nonprofit Transamerica Institute® has released a new cookbook, Healthier Traditions Cookbook: Around the World, as part of the initiative. Healthier Traditions Cookbook™ series.

(PRNewsfoto/Transamerica Institute)

(PRNewsfoto/Transamerica Institute)

“People have the opportunity to live longer than before. This potential gift of extra time requires protecting our health and well-being, and taking good care of ourselves in our daily lives. One way to promote health and bringing people together through delicious and nutritious food,” he said Catherine CollinsonCEO and President of the Transamerica Institute.

Healthier Traditions Cookbook: Worldwide featuring recipes inspired by traditional cuisines from 19 countries across six continents, serving delicious dishes such as of Australia Sweet Pavlova, Sweet Korean Japchae, and of Cuba Classic picadillo. This cookbook encourages people of all skill levels to learn about how others around the world eat. It offers recipes with a rich history and unique healthy ingredients.

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“Our eating habits are shaped by many factors, including personal beliefs, cultural background, lifestyle, food preferences, health status, affordability and access. Despite the possibility of different foods, we can all agree that food brings comfort and promotes community,” he said. Mihaela Vinczepublic health expert at the Transamerica Institute.

Healthier Traditions Cookbook: Worldwide includes nutrition facts, evidence-based advice, and historical detail. The cookbook – along with others in the series – was created by a certified nutritionist through extensive research and recipe testing. Nutritious and flavorful recipes include as many vegetables as possible, use healthy oils, minimize refined grains and added sweeteners, and enhance the flavor of spices and herbs, and aim to honor the essence of each dish. .

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“We hope that all readers will enjoy learning how to cook these dishes as well as the history and ingredients used to make them. individual preferences or needs,” he said. Christina Badaracconutritionist, who is a brochure consultant.

the Healthier Traditions Cookbook: Worldwide features recipes inspired by food from Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Cubathe Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Fiji, INDIAkorea, Philippines, Morocco, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, Spainthe United Kingdomand United States.

Download this free cookbook, along with others at Healthier Traditions Cookbook series, including Fast & easy, Italian, Soul foodand American Classics.

Visit the Transamerica Institute website for more health, personal finance and retirement security resources, including their ClearPath – Roadmap to Health and WealthSM podcast series, clinical guidelines, academic collaboration on workplace health and annual employers, and 22n.d Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey. Follow the Transamerica Institute on LinkedIn, Twitterand Facebook.

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1 Nonprofit Transamerica Institute®, 22nd Transamerica Retirement Survey, December 2021

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