Gwyneth Paltrow shares how to make three ‘ridiculously easy’ holiday appetizers

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares How to Make Three ‘Insanely Easy’ Holiday Appetizers That Make People ‘Think You’re Fancy’

On Thanksgiving, Gwyneth Paltrow has three “ridiculously easy” holiday appetizers.

In a video posted on Thursday, the actress showed how easy it is to create quick appetizers that still make people “think you’re fancy”.

The goop founder, 50, shared the following recipes: caviar chips, which she calls “diablo,” and a sauce made with anchovies, called “Bagna Cauda.”

The first recipe on the list is “Caviar Chips”. Toppings include – obviously – potato chips and caviar.

To keep the appetizer simple, she adds sour cream and chives for garnish.

“I feel like I’m gaming the system,” she said. “That’s so easy!”

Hostess vs hostess: goop founder shares three appetizer recipes for throwing holiday parties¿

Hostess vs. hostess: The goop founder shares three appetizer recipes for throwing holiday parties – caviar chips, which she calls Diablo, and a sauce made with anchovies called For “Bagna Cauda”

The second appetizer she called “diablo” – she explained that it means “devil” in Spanish.

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However, the hors d’oeuvres did not contain any elements that would make it spicy. Instead, “Diablo” is “crunchy and sweet.”

The former Iron Man star stuffs pitted plums with “goat and sheep feta.”

Unique recipe: A second appetizer she calls Diablo, which she explains means

Unique recipe: A second appetizer she calls Diablo — which she explains means “devil” in Spanish

She then wraps these plums in prosciutto before popping them in the oven.

“Just make sure that when you’re doing something really simple — just three ingredients — the quality of the ingredients is really good.”

For the third appetizer of the day, she made a “Bagna Cauda” — which she explains means “hot water bath” in Italian.

Paltrow creates “a thick, rich, umami-like sauce” by combining olive oil, butter, garlic, and a handful of anchovies in a pan.

To enjoy this gluten-free, vegan appetizer, she dips bitter leafy greens into the sauce.

She further explained that she sometimes chooses thin slices of bread to enjoy this appetizer.

“Either I need more booze, or I need to stop working, like two weeks,” she joked as she finished her final appetizer.


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