Google will be destroyed by ChatGPT in minimum two years, claims Gmail creator 

New Delhi,Updated: January 29, 2023 13:13 IST

By Ankita Chakravarti: Google has no fear of changing ChatGPT completely without authorization. Paul Buccheit, the creator of Gmail, recently took to Twitter to conclude that the massive artificial intelligence tool could destroy Google’s search engine within the next two years. Google’s most profitable application may be replaced by an Open AI tool. Within one week of its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT gathered over a million users. The AI ​​tool is widely praised for its ability to compose complex essays, marketing pitches, poems, jokes, and even qualify the toughest exams.

“Google may be only a year or two away from total disruption. AI will kill the Search Engine Result Page, which is where they make most of their money. Even if they come up with AI, they cannot fully deploy it without destroying the most valuable part of their business. The way I imagine this happening is that the browser’s URL/Search bar is replaced by AI that autocompletes my idea/question as I type it and also provides the best answer (which could be a link to a website or product),” wrote Paul Buccheit, the creator of Gmail in a series of tweets.

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Buccheit explained that ChatGPT will do to search engines what Google did to the Yellow Pages (the newsletter that existed before the Google search engine came to shore) and that AI will eliminate the Search Engine Result Page, where engines searches like Google make most of their money.

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He notes that even if search engines like Google tried to find AI, by creating their own version of the AI ​​model based on OpenAI, they would not be able to fully deploy it without the most valuable part of their business. endanger .

Recently, a Wharton School of University Pennsylvania professor was caught off guard when he tested the AI ​​tool with the MBA exam and the ChatGPT was able to pass the exam. Not only in the MBA exam, ChatGPT also passed exams at a law school in the United States by writing essays on subjects such as constitutional law, taxation and torts. School professor Jonathan Choi and his co-authors.

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Google is now preparing to showcase more than 20 AI products and is also expected to come up with its own version of ChatGPT.

“This is the moment of significant vulnerability for Google.ChatGPT is in the ground, saying, ‘This is what a powerful new search experience could look like.’ D. Sivakumar, a former Google research director who helped found a startup called Tonita, told the New York Times.


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