Golf: Inaugural XPrienz Entrepreneur Challenge proves a big hit

THE XPrienz Entrepreneur Challenge, hosted at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, in partnership with the Entrepreneur Golf Community of Malaysia (EGCM), proved to be a success and promising for the future.

The Challenge is one of the most important activities under Xprienz that is specifically designed to give members the opportunity to improve their social activities and potentially grow their business and/or advance their careers through communication. there is meaning.

Members include industry leaders, C-suite executives, decision makers, senior managers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

“In the modern business world, we believe that networking is essential to building, developing and maintaining strong relationships,” said Tham Lih Chung, founder and group president of Eatcosys Sdn Bhd. , which is under the XPrienz premium trial platform.

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“A golf course can be a great place to do that and we’ve created a golf challenge with prizes to offer, to make it even more exciting.” he said.

“We were very happy to see that the meeting benefited more than 100 business leaders,” said Tham.

Ivan Yap, chief executive officer of EGCM agreed with these sentiments and added: “Golf works as a good way to network because it is built on a sense of courtesy. good and fair game.

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“We always welcome partners who want to transform the experience like XPrienz.

“This challenge is suitable for the new generation of golfers who want to grow their business through the golf course of the development network,” said Yap.

The Challenge offered RM50,000 worth of prizes, including a Garmin S60 watch and travel gift cards.

The competition was held in a System 36 format, with men and women competing in the same discipline.

Non-members, local celebrities and media representatives also participated in the challenge.

Peter Bilitsch from Mobiv Acquisition Corp, Datuk Michael Tang from Mettiz Capital Ltd and Wayne Lim from Malaysia SME were among the distinguished guests and on the course were about 110 golfers from that day.

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Sojo Technology, Claritas, Propbuddies, EV City, Crestlink, Garmin, Priority Xplorer and Event, Deemples, 100 Plus, Hurix, Thule and Kitsuzo Izakaya are listed as event partners of the XPrienz Entrepreneur Challenge.

XPrienz membership costs RM5,000 per year or RM500 per month, while the add-on card costs RM3,000 per year or RM300 per month.

Members are selected and invited by the Eatcosys team and/or existing members of the club based on their values, interests and desires. Those interested in joining can log in at


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