Five AI-based virtual fitness trends to watch in 2023

AI has crossed all areas of life. From entertainment to work, artificial intelligence is being leveraged to increase bottom line output. The health and wellness industry, too, is gradually embracing AI culture. As a result, the advent of AI is revolutionizing the fitness industry in more ways than you can imagine, indicating a strong collaboration between the two in the long run. Let’s take a deeper dive into the AI-based fitness trends that will take hold in 2023.

Virtual reality fitness sessions

Even a few years back, virtual reality or VR was associated with direct gaming and the entertainment sector. Who would have imagined that virtual reality would soon make its way into the health and wellness industry as well? After the pandemic, the whole world realized that online connectivity can work on multiple levels, making life easier. Like online education, virtual reality training sessions have become the new normal of modern life. Fitness enthusiasts who aren’t willing to travel to any brick and mortar location to burn calories can easily save time and energy by opting for VR-based fitness training sessions. As a result, the fitness sector is preparing to introduce numerous apps that enable users to access workout programs through VR headsets. The best part is the touch of gaming that will enhance your fitness journey and take it to the next level.

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Intelligent insects

Smart wearables like fitness tracking wristbands, smart watches etc., are already an integral part of modern life. People chose to be health conscious, especially after the devastation caused by the pandemic. Gen Z and millennials, in particular, are showing increased enthusiasm for getting fitter. And this is where smart wearables have seized the opportunity and are meeting the demands of fitness enthusiasts. SPO2 level, heart rate monitoring and ECG scanning are some notable features introduced in the world of smart wearables. In 2023, artificial intelligence is expected to make these wearables more “smart” by making the sensors more flexible and powerful.

Home gym

From dynamic home theater to interactive home gyms, the move itself reflects people’s enthusiasm for improved health and wellness. Home gym equipment is now a thing of the past. Instead, in 2023, you’ll see “smart” home gyms. In other words, we can say that AI will now enable users to access the connected versions of high-end gym equipment, such as treadmills, exercise bikes and so on. Users will be required to subscribe to the services and purchase certain equipment to participate in live fitness classes. AI will also help users engage in live interactions during exercise sessions.

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Fitness applications

2023 is the year of fitness apps, where more and more fitness enthusiasts are expected to join these online platforms to stay fit while staying at home. The ease and comfort level encourages users to leverage these fitness apps. Also, these AI-based fitness apps seem to be more pocket-friendly than high gym membership fees. They are powered by artificial intelligence so that users can access excellent features. These fitness applications are popular among users due to the ability to train at home under the guidance of trained fitness experts and receive real-time performance feedback.

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Apps dedicated to mental and emotional well-being

Covid has once again drawn attention to our mental health, and people are finally starting to work to improve their mental and emotional well-being. Workplace injuries, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are just a few conditions that we must consider the tip of the iceberg. If proper care is not taken, our mental health is easy to spend, given our hectic and cold lifestyle. To tackle the issues of worsening mental health conditions, AI is being used. Artificial intelligence offers technology-driven solutions to help people take care of their mental health. This is done through various apps that encourage users to adopt a stress-free and mindful lifestyle.

Wrap up

The contemporary world is completely driven by technology and people need tech-centric solutions to meet their modern problems. That’s why the health sector is relying on AI in 2023 to offer relevant solutions to users and bring new changes to the wellness landscape.


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