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James Le Brun – By his own admission — against all logic — he was convinced that his Los Angeles Lakers could recreate the Hitlers’ magic by acquiring aging slasher Russell Westbrook for $47 million at a time when the team seemed to need it most. Sniper/Perimeter Defenders. And as almost everyone except LeBron and Kobe Bryant’s former agent predicted, the trio of Anthony Davis (injured again, naturally), Westbrook and Shah haven’t gelled, and their supporting cast is mostly just Patrick Beverley. is waving his arms like a madman, and a twenty-something farm boy from Bumblefawk, Arkansas, is inadequate at best. So, when ESPN released a 10:30 p.m. EST exclusive A sit-down interview between LeBron and reporter Dave McMenamin on SportsCenter Friday night raised a few questions: Why McMenamin and not, say, Brian Windhurst, who can actually do an interview? Will LeBron, who turned 38 last week, go as far as asking? a business, even if the league rules dictate that he can not before the off-season? Or is this all an elaborate troll from The Worldwide Leader in Sports™?

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After a 15-minute delay, due to a delay in college gymnastics (?), viewers were finally treated to SportsCenter — only to be informed by the hosts that we had played, and that the interview with LeBron would air during the show. The second hour of the show

That was a damn lie

ESPN did not air the interview until 1:07 a.m. ET, more than two and a half hours after the scheduled time. The chat began with a few trivia questions from McMenamin about LeBron’s return to Sacramento, where he made his NBA debut and pursuit of the NBA scoring record (“I’ve always been a pass-first player” to LeBron) and to That’s followed by an inquiry into the current state of the Lakers, who are in the midst of a four-game winning streak and two games out of six.the seventh in West.

“I want to win,” LeBron said of his team’s performance this season. I was trained and born to win.”

McMenamin — they say five times fast — then asked LeBron what he had left to do in his pro career, one that included four NBA titles, four league MVPs, four NBA Finals MVPs, and the best comeback in It is the NBA Finals date.


I need to be on the ground with my son. I need to be on the floor with Bruni. I would love to do the whole Ken Griffey Sr.-Jr. Thing. That would certainly be ideal. “Being with him, spending a whole year with him in the same uniform, that would be icing on the cake.”

And that was it, a few lame questions that we already knew the answers to. What a colossal waste of time, at least the Republican Speaker of the House drama was entertaining.


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