Entertainment News: Players are roasting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s awful bugs and glitches


21/11/2022, 07:15

Timothy “Timo Gustin” Augustine

Image: The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is probably the worst game in the series to date.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launched last Friday, and players quickly realized that the problems with the two games went far beyond performance issues. Players are sharing videos of the game’s many bugs and glitches that have Cyberpunk 2077’s level of hilarity – from trainers suddenly turning into monsters to character models cutting each other.

For example, to satisfy your nightmares roaming Paldea:

Add that to the game’s already questionable performance, and it’s hard to call this a win for Pokemon fans everywhere. Games struggle to run at a minimum of 30fps, often dropping to 20fps or lower during games and movies. Scarlet and Violet had loading issues in Paldea’s world, causing noticeable texture popping even when the player was standing still during combat. Because the whole game slows down while dropping frames, you’ll also see a cutscene where the character model moves like this:

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Of course, developer Gamefreak won’t be financially hurt by the negative headlines. The company only recently announced that both Scarlet and Violet have become the most pre-ordered titles in franchise history–and despite poor word of mouth, we can safely expect both games to continue to sell well around the world. Some players have reported memory leaks in both games, which can lead to poorer performance the longer you play. This can be fixed by resetting the game or hoping a future update fixes the bug, but the rest of your baseline performance is still not great.

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Now, the general consensus is that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are both fun games as long as you can ignore all of these issues, but they still shouldn’t be in a game of this caliber. Pokemon is the most successful and well-known franchise in the world, and it’s frustrating to see its mainline game launch in this state. The Nintendo Switch is definitely outdated, but we’ve played a number of Switch games since the console’s release that blow Scarlet and Violet out of the water, both mechanically and visually. This one seems to be on Gamefreak.

It’s a shame, because beneath the mess of all these glitches, Scarlet and Violet have some great ideas. Introducing multiple story paths for players to follow, allowing for more freedom to explore, and multiplayer has been fleshed out here compared to previous games. Most of the new Gen 9 Pokemon have quirky designs and fun names that we can’t help falling in love with, and Paldea as a whole is an interesting area to explore. Hopefully Gamefreak will take the current online backlash as a sign of shaping – but if we’re going by these pre-order numbers, they really don’t have to.

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