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Disney Pop Century Resort Map – After the ability to create custom travel plans, my second favorite tool is the Room Finder with the ability to request a room. WDW resorts are generally large and spacious, and even after you choose one that you think will meet your needs, your actual experience may be very different depending on the actual room you’re assigned. Things like view, noise level, and walking distance to lots of parking, food, pool and transportation are important. And Room Finder has information about all of that.

The example above is what you see in the Room Finder for one of my favorite rooms on the property – 4210 at Jambo House. Using the information above, I understand that I will only pay for a standard view in this particular room, but there are definitely animals in the picture. And the public comment tells me that this is where the animals are regularly fed at night and in the morning – twice when I am in my room most of the time! It’s also very close to transportation and the lobby, but also very quiet.

Disney Pop Century Resort Map

So this is my favorite non-DVC room to search. Maybe you have a favorite too. Let’s see which rooms are most requested in all value and moderate destinations. This will save yourself searching for rooms if you like the same things.

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Whenever someone using the feature requests a room for a future trip, we record the room number they used to generate the request. I can aggregate (aggregate) all that information by destination or specific room. The math here is SUPER simple. I just collect all the requests for each room and then pull the one with the most requests to each destination. I’ve done this for every request in history ever. And then I also just draw on the last 2 years, in case renovations or the addition of new transportation options (cough-Skyliner-cough) have changed what people are looking for.

Pop Century has more room requests than any other resort on the property (almost 10,000 more than the next closest resort). The most requested room ever in Pop Century is 6113. By itself, it has 591 requests. It is in the 1970s section (1st floor of building 6) and is a standard room. Although it’s a standard room, it’s only a 1-minute walk to the lobby and a 3-minute walk to transportation. Very nice for a big resort. Rooms 1-12 in both buildings are actually designated preferred rooms because of their proximity to the main building – but here’s the secret: room 13 is actually closer to the main building than most of the other rooms, except at 12. We have two. reviews for room 6113, and both are “Very Satisfied”. The average length of stay required for room 6113 is 5.4 nights. So if Disney fulfills every user request for room 6113, we will reserve that particular room for almost 9 years.

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The most requested room over the past two years has been 5113 (262 requests during that time), which is the equivalent room in Building 5 in the 1960s section. I wonder what opened almost exactly 2 years ago? Skyliner! And Room 5113 is the closest you can get to the Skyliner station without facing the pool (and thus paying more for that pool view).

The most requested room ever (and, also, in the last 2 years) in Animation Art is room 7513 – it has been requested 390 times. This is a standard room in the Little Mermaid section. It’s another corner room on the first floor of a building. All of the Little Mermaid rooms are more of a walk to the lobby and transportation, but this corner is about as close as you can get (the same corner in building 9 may offer a walk-in for more fast to buses if you walk along the parking lot). The big win here is that room 7513 is as close as you can get to the Skyliner station from a standard room. We only have one review for room 7513 but we were very happy. The average length of stay for this room is 5.4 nights. This means we can keep this room exclusive for users for almost 6 years with all requests received.

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At the top of the pack for room requests at All-Star Movies is room 0755, with a total of 167 requests. It is also the most requested room at the resort for the past 2 years. 0755 is a favorite room in the Toy Story section, Building 10. We have another corner room on the first floor! And this time the room very close to the main building, with a 1 minute walk from the main building and a 3 minute walk to the car. But it’s a preferred room, so you’ll pay more for comfort. We have 2 reviews of room 0755, and the average satisfaction rating is 4.5. The average requested length of stay for this room is 4.6 nights, so keeping this room “only” for applicants would keep it for just over 2 years.

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If you’re looking for a standard rate room, your best bet might be 7755 in the Love Bug section, Building 7. It’s close to parking if you’re bringing your own car and one of the shorter walks compared to most of the others. standard room.

At All-Star Sports, room 6155 had the most room requests ever, with 90 of them themselves. 6155 is a favorite room at Surf’s Up! department, building 6. Yes, department has its own exclamation point. It’s a corner room (you guessed it), on the first floor. (Get the picture?) And it’s a few steps away from the main building. As a result, it is rated as one of the noisiest rooms on the property as it is also next to the property’s pool. Users have submitted 3 reviews for this room, with an average rating of 4.33. And the average length of stay for this room is 5 nights. So with 90 applications, it can keep this room for 1.2 years.

The most requested room in the last 2 years (note that this resort has been closed for more than a year) is a standard room – 2111 in the Hoops Hotel section, Building 2. This is another corner room on the first floor on the first floor , and with a shorter walk to the lobby and transportation than some of Touchdown’s favorite rooms! department. So if you don’t want to pay for an optional room, this is a good bet.

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Room 0456 at All-Star Music is a family suite in the Calypso section, building 10. It’s the most requested ever, with 56 requests (and it’s also the most requested in the last 2 years). For the first time, it wasn’t a corner room. But probably because the corner room is a standard room. This is the suite closest to the main building. Since it’s also close to the pool, it’s another very noisy option. We do not have any users who have submitted post-visit reviews for this room. But we know that the average required length of stay is 5.7 nights. With 56 stays of 5.7 nights, users can keep this room for almost a year.

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With 223 requests, room 9239 is the most requested room in Port Orleans – Riverside. This is a royal suite in Oak Manor (Building 90) overlooking the river. Unlike all the more sought-after rooms at value resorts, our modest first room is on the second floor, but still in a corner. It is in a very quiet location with a great view of the water and a relatively short walk to the lobby and transportation due to the expansive nature of this resort. But all this comes at a rather high price. Rack rates can go as high as $502/night. However, the 3 reviews we have for this room are “Very Satisfied”. The average length of stay for this room is 5.5 nights. This means users can keep this room for more than 3 years!

If you’re not in the market for a Royal House, perhaps the most popular of the past 2 years is your speed. Room 1608 is a standard room (with 2 queens and a murphy bed) in building 16 in the Alligator Bayou section. There have been 30 applications in the last 2 years – remember, Glan yr Afon has been closed for more than one year of those 2 years, but is about to open! 1608 doesn’t have a river view, but it’s cheaper and the shortest walk to the main building of any standard option in Alligator Bayou.

Room 5264 in the Aruba section, Building 52 has the most requests in Caribbean Beach – 385 of them. It’s a standard room in a corner of the second floor, but you really get some sneaky peaks from here

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