Decentralized High-Performance Cloud Computing: An Interview With DeepSquare

At The Metaverse Insider, we had the pleasure of interviewing Diarmuid Daltún and Florin Dzeladini – the Co-Founder and Head of Blockchain respectively at DeepSquare. As a sustainable, decentralized cloud ecosystem, DeepSquare is on a mission to enable high-performance computing centered around a blockchain protocol.

In addition to high-performance computing, DeepSquare is a non-profit organization with a strong focus on transparency, fair pricing, sustainability, and of course, a cloud ecosystem that can also support Web applications and Web 3.0 dApps. This is an exciting time for the industry – and the Metaverse Insider was more than happy to discuss the revolutionary digital ecosystem that DeepSquare is building.

There are many companies currently providing high performance computing and cloud computing services – however, there are a few factors that make DeepSquare stand out from their centralized competition:

“Companies like AWS, Google Compute, and Microsoft Azure provide a service. Although they have a distributed network, it is obviously a centralized organization.”

“It is possible to decide, in the blink of an eye and through no fault of your own, that you can no longer run your business on something, or that you find that it is not transparent, or that you are locked into a particular experience . And this is indeed, this is where we are different.”

Diarmuid emphasizes the importance of DeepSquare being a truly decentralized, community-owned project; end customers must have a choice of how they want to participate, knowing they can move and change with maximum transaction transparency. This fluid will surely attract a larger user base.

DeepSquare is focused on empowering the community – allowing for a community-driven approach to governing their cloud ecosystem. With so much potential in the concept of decentralization, DeepSquare is making this one of its main goals:

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“We have a path to decentralization, and that is indeed the goal. But there is currently a curatorial board to help make decisions in the early stages.”

There was a strong sense of community when interviewed by DeepSquare; even at the current stage of development, they present decisions to their community of 380 people today. By holding votes and creating value in public opinion, they are definitely heading in a prosperous direction:

“As we go forward, and over the next few years, we will indeed give the public all the keys, etc.”

When it comes to actually decentralizing something, DeepSquare has something unique to the industry:

“The meta-scheduler is a decentralized piece that matches the needs of the end customer with infrastructure providers or their service providers to ensure that decisions are made in a decentralized way for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.”

Decentralization is clearly a very important aspect of DeepSquare – and there is no doubt that this has something to do with their technology. Florin describes the importance of their revolutionary technologies, giving us a glimpse of how their ecosystem will function:

“At the grid level, when someone joins us, they have to run specific software that allows them to manage their own cluster very easily. With that software, people can then connect to what we call the supervisor, which listens to the blockchain events to make a decision and take the scheduled job.”

“The older information is stored in a blockchain, which allows us to be completely transparent, and to be able to give security and trust to what we write – and the information it contains.

“This blockchain is currently running as a detonation subnet. So, we decided that when you are developing your blockchain, you need to have a certain number of validations to make sure your consensus is strong. And I think we now have a very strong layer L one, as we call them, which has a good level of decentralization – and one of them is flatness.”

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Within the next year, we can expect a lot of work to be done to add functionality that customers want. This will include work on the meta-scheduler and adding AI to strengthen the algorithms mentioned by Florin.

Florin also explains how their corresponding Nakamoto coefficient is over 1000 – implying that 1000 nodes would have to be compromised for an avalanche to adversely affect their blockchain. This is truly amazing; it’s a testament to DeepSquare’s ability and integrity. These guys are not messing around.

When it comes to DeepSquare’s decentralized framework for high-performance cloud computing, it’s clear that this will provide a wealth of value to consumers. The Metaverse and related experiences rely on low latency, making it a perfect use case for the company. This is just the tip of the iceberg for DeepSquare – but it will most likely become a flagship use case once we have a full-fledged Metaverse.

DeepSquare is also a leader in sustainability – something that is often overlooked these days. They have a 56% improvement on the current global average power consumption! We asked Diarmuid about his views on sustainability, and why it’s important for high performance computing to follow suit:

“It’s the point that brought DeepSquare’s founders together in the first place. From the beginning, we have been involved in the design of these blueprint clusters, in which we have deployed two to show how it could be done sustainably using cutting edge technologies – which are out there for cooling and heat and heat capture . reuse, etc.”

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This sustainable approach has huge implications; from being able to heat homes to setting new industry standards for others to use, DeepSquare has hit the nail on the head.

With a lot happening at DeepSquare, The Metaverse Insider asked Diarmuid what the main points DeepSquare will focus on in the next few years. Along with the development of AI, high-performance computing for training, and deep learning models, there is a particular focus on rendering streaming:

“Render streaming is a very interesting workload; it replaces the need for a very powerful laptop, where everything is then done server side. So, it means that you can connect to this simple browser and interact with a very complex world. This will provide a very rich experience that we expect from the kind of interaction that we have been promised with Metaverse.”

DeepSquare team

This is very exciting news, but again, it’s just a preview of what’s to come from DeepSquare. In the next 5 to 10 years, we can expect DeepSquare to have 1000s of clusters around the world – to really begin to achieve true decentralized governance. With DeepSquare aiming to act as a “decentralized toy”, they are certainly on the right track.

There is much to discuss regarding DeepSquare’s trajectory; they are leaders in their respective fields and provide enormous value to the industry. The Metaverse Insider is eager to learn more about DeepSquare – we feel this is just the beginning of what they have to offer. With high performance cloud computing on the rise, DeepSquare is certainly flying high.

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