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Camelback Finance – The International Biathlon Union has announced the competition schedule for the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon, the IBU Cup and the IBU Youth and Junior World Championships, with tentative start times for the upcoming season 2022/2023.

The BMW IBU World Cup will start on 29 November – 4 December 2022 in Kontiolahti (FIN). The IBU and its stakeholders have agreed to minimize clashes with the FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar during the mid-week season starting on Tuesday.

Camelback Finance

The highlight of the season, the IBU World Championships Biathlon takes place in Oberhof (GER) on 06-19 February 2023.

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The season will end in Oslo-Holmenkollen (NOR), with the final competition taking place on 19 March 2023.

The International Biathlon Union (IBU) today published the list of approved National Federations for the 2021/2022 season for the use of materials containing C8-fluorocarbons/PFOA in violation of the IBU Event and Competition Regulations.

Penalties have been imposed for infringements in the National Federation Junior Cup: Korea, Czech Republic, Belarus and Finland.

National associations fined in the IBU Cup are considered minor: Poland, Germany and Japan.

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As a first offense, the national federation received a fine of several thousand euros. A second offense will result in higher financial penalties and a third offense will result in the national federation being banned from the next IBU meeting. Penalties at the IBU Cup and Junior Cup level are lower than at the World Cup. In the early 1900s, low head and high discharge were difficult to use in hydroelectricity. Nowadays hydraulic conditions usually lead to Kaplan turbines. Although this type of turbine had not yet been invented, several Francis runners were installed on a single shaft to cope with local conditions – usually two or four runners, in rare cases more. The arrangement of the edges of the two draft tubes then gave rise to the name by which the solution is known in North America today – Camelback.

Working with many Camelback plant owners and operators, we know that without cost-effective solutions, these plants will soon become economically unviable. To reduce your operating costs while competing with other renewable energy sources, different and sometimes non-standard solutions are required to meet your local, site-specific needs.

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Over a century or more of operation, many plants using Camelback turbines required constant maintenance and modernization. As Francis-type turbines and generators reach the end of their useful lives, plant owners face constant, laborious and often expensive maintenance. Failures are unpredictable and often lead to long, unplanned outages, which are difficult to mitigate. With close cooperation, you can benefit from a reliable solution focused on the economic viability of your specific website.

Having served reliably for decades, Camelback power plants present challenges for operators today – frequent, often unexpected maintenance and failures:

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I love working on Camelback turbines because of their long history and variety of configurations. Finding the right modern solution for these sites is a challenge, but I enjoy solving problems.

With a strong focus on minimal downtime and reliability of your hydropower plant, our HyService team repairs parts and components on site. Depending on power plant availability, cavitation repair, embedded component machining, single component machining, rewinding or replacement can be provided by our experts.

For Manitoba Hydro’s historic 78-MW Pointe du Bois station in Canada, we retrofitted four of the 16 Camelback power units between 2012 and 2014. In this regard, we also successfully performed an in-situ blade replacement on one of the Francis runners.

Energy Ottawa’s Hole 2 station in Canada will be equipped with two 5.6-MW power units of the latest Campbell Beck design. The original unit was commissioned in 1920 and two Francis runners were installed on the same shaft.

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For some powerhouses, repair and replacement may not be the right solution to achieve the desired return on investment for specific site conditions. Using its complete portfolio – from custom designs to standard solutions – we enable customers to find solutions for the various arrangements found with this type of turbine: open chat and pressure box arrangements, as well as double Francis turbines.

For the modernization of the 90-year-old power plant Rånåsfoss III in Norway, seven different design concepts were investigated to replace six double horizontal Francis power units. In close collaboration with the customer, the best solution was identified as a 6 x 13.5-MW propeller unit in an open grommet configuration. The advantages of the chosen concept were:

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To ensure these benefits, a new hydraulic design was developed and tested at our hydraulic laboratory in York, PA, USA.

In many cases, a major pain point for alternative management is the impact on civil structure design. A modern stream diver can solve this in a vertical configuration, keeping all the advantages of a simple design and environmentally friendly solution.

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With high available head, the pressure box arrangement is solved for handling high loads.

In Sweden, the 100-year-old power unit of the Grange hydropower plant has been replaced with new small hydropower technology, making it not only more efficient, but also environmentally friendly. Graninge in Sollefteå received new electrical systems, control equipment, generators and an 800 kW Z-turbine that doubled the energy production capacity.

For even higher heads, technology advanced to save materials, for example, the spiral cases we know today. As a result, open waste management began to die out. Pin-rod connections support conventional solutions while camelback options can increase energy output.

For the Byllesby Dam in the United States, replace the existing power units with two 2-MW vertical Saxo turbines. Commissioning is predicted by 2022.

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If repair and modernization is not a suitable solution for your site, building a new power station is another possible option.

Canada’s Peterborough Utilities chose this approach for its London Street site. The old power station, originally built in 1884, has three open-cast Campbellback power units that are still in operation. However, most of the energy production today is handled by two new 3-MW S turbines that were commissioned in 2016.

The new power source in Sweden is the Simla 4 Camelback plant that replaces Simla 3 with a 3.4-MW horizontal bulb unit. As a result of the upgrade, the plant is now more environmentally friendly and is capable of producing one-third more electricity than before the upgrade.

We will show you in detail the Camelback modernization concepts developed for Rånåsfoss III – a power plant built in 1919. In close collaboration with our client, seven design concepts were evaluated to identify the best solution. We understand that not everyone has the capital to pay. Up front for a new HVAC unit when they need it. And waiting until you save money for immediate needs is not an option. That’s why Camelback works with Hearth Financing for air conditioning and refrigeration HVAC financing options.

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Financing with Hearth allows you to spread your HVAC unit payments over 2-12 year terms over affordable monthly payments. You do not need to have perfect credit to qualify. You also have a handy payment calculator to help you estimate your monthly payments. Camelback Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has worked with Hearth for many years and many of our customers have taken advantage of their financing options.

Don was recommended by a friend to my wife and I when we had a problem with the AC. He was always very responsive and able to come out the same day. He defines the work that needs to be accomplished and then does it in a timely and cost-effective manner. No one likes living in a hot house. If your AC needs work, don’t hesitate to contact Dawn & Camelback Air & Refrigeration.

I had the opportunity to call Dan Poole about two different properties. Recently he came to my house on Saturday night to fix the AC problem. Came from dinner with my family, resolved my issue quickly and professionally and went out of his way to resolve the issue. Going forward with my going to person for AC and related issues. Highly recommended.

My AC went out last night. Camelback came to my rescue and fixed my ace. They finished the job at 1am and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg. Thank you very much! I could not have asked for a better experience.

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