Brazil beats South Korea, advances to World Cup quarterfinals


DOHA, Qatar – Team Earth, technically known as “Brazil”, remains emphatically in this World Cup after Monday night, given that the planet’s biggest sporting event continues its extravagant line of promise.

It is a harbinger of further yellows, greens, chants and bright horns complementing the stadium’s new metro cars, escalators and walkways, which have been rolled out again ahead of the round-of-16 match with South Korea at Stadium 974 across the Persian Gulf and the airport. There, the certainty of a global consensus can only provide Brazil with the data of the dispersion of the number of nations that wear cotton to their lure and the yellow bombard. Mostly, though, there’s the promise of beauty, the breathless beauty of the Brazilians just 4-1 in the quarter-finals.

If one could only spot the brilliance in the work of Vinícius Júnior – a Real Madrid winger, 22 years old from the state of Rio de Janeiro and a player in awe – that supply could be saturated by returning to the metro. When in a surprise move like him they dare to mix with the generosity around them, not counting the mere superstar Neymar, who returned from an ankle injury on Monday night, they can happen to hardly ever appear in the shirt of other colors.

World Cup bracket and knockout by schedule

That would include the fourth and most beautiful goal of the first-half against South Korea, when Vinícius Júnior himself had occupied the usual mass of both sides in the middle in the left box. Rather than occupying himself with these, he cut the matter long enough to see someone coming this way out of the corner of his eye. Lucas Paquetá, just 25 years old with a tumor present in West Ham and in the outside world in the future, and who at one time reached to the left and brought it back to the net.

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Oh Vinícius Júnior also noted.

He scored the first goal for Brazil in the seventh minute, scoring the 13th, 29th and 36th goals. That the amphitheater is beating its stadium, especially the densest group, above two flags worshiping Pele, the star of all stars in the hospital at the age of 82 in Sao Paulo. At about this time, “Viní Júnior” got his turn after he gave the most clever conversions to so many others early in the tournament, and it was done through a white ball on the right side – this is another guy – Raphinha, who left the defenders to pass by the talented business cones. .

Raphinha got to the byline, knocked it down the middle where Neymar couldn’t handle it, and they went on with 43,847 others so that Vinícius Júnior could pick it up from the left side alone, then wait. with that poem.

He drilled it far to the right, and this only entered the seventh minute, from where the Brazilian players went to the corner and made a running circle following the dances along the straight line, threatening the dances briefly, to take away the rest of the first half. .

It is a theatrical team, of course, like the rest of Brazil, who have tried to win the World Cup in the unthinkable 20 years since Brazil won its fifth and final day. His acting skills may have helped him in the 13th minute, when Richarlison – another guy – took an inadvertent kick in the chest from Kim Moon-hwan and slapped it to the sky, setting up a penalty that survived VAR review. Neymar due to a stammering step, the kick slipped slowly into the right corner and a beautiful reaction with his tongue sticking out.

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South Korea, who brilliantly entered the scene of the knocks in the 21st minute of the final game of the group, when the leader of fame Son Heung-min of Tottenham went in a great run and threading pass to Hwang Hee-chan, who picked it up. to strike into Portugal, he looked around in doubt as to whether any gathering of men should take place. But even that third purpose allowed him to owe more to art than to fault.

Croatia’s goalkeeper is the archery hero, and history repeats itself

Richarlison came down from heaven. Marquinhos had headed one, who went into the box but threw it to the great Casemiro – of course I remember, another guy. Casemiro fed it to Richarlison on the right, and the banging material to the left of keeper Kim Seung-Gyu was then seen.

Nine minutes later, the referee decided to add a fat five minutes of time, which seemed more uncomfortable for the side. The Brazilians left the tunnel knowing that they would emerge from a different place against Croatia in the quarterfinals on Friday. They would keep this event bubbling with flavor. And make Stadium 974, the first temporary venue in the history of the World, something powerful will be the scenes in front of it and the vessels of the ships that decorate its plates, to make up and sent to another country for gathering.

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Among the uit items, in the light of the Brazilians they will be disturbed that it is not a bad idea.

World Cup in Qatar

Some: The World Cup continued with Group G winner Brazil beating Group H runner-up South Korea, 4-1, in a round-robin game in Doha, Qatar. Brazil next play Croatia on Wednesday after the Croatians beat Japan in penalty kicks earlier on Monday.

USMNT: The US men’s national team fell to the Netherlands, 3-1, on Saturday in the round of 16. The United States has not won a match since the 2002 World Cup, when it beat regional rival Mexico in the round. 16 in South Korea.

Swipe through the schedule: The World Series of Players is filled with shocking upsets and dramatic turns that will now give way to a beating round that promises more surprises.

In perspective: “The growth of the development was obvious, but more than that, the players in the matter which indicates that they are on the way to immense growth. There is a coherent and energy around the United States that must be trusted. Read Jerry Brewer on the future of the US men’s national team.


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