Brazil, Argentina most popular picks in World Cup Bracket Challenge. Enter now!

You are a fornicator FOX Super 6 $1 Million Dollar World Cup Bracket Challenge still?

It’s a free competition where you pick which teams will advance to the knockout stage from each of the eight in the 2022 FIFA World Cup and then predict the winners all the way through the final bracket.

Tons of entries are flying in, so don’t miss your chance to get in on the fun and maybe even win a cool $1 million! You must enter before the opening kickoffs of Sunday’s game.

Compete with our bracket leaders, including Alex Lalas, Rob Stone, Landon Donovan, Carl Lloyd, Clint Dempsey, Stu Holden, Doug McIntyre and dozens more.

So far the competitors in the bracket are all in two regions to take it all.

Brazil and Argentina are the two teams most often picked to make the final between the competing brackets, with France and England rounding out the top four semifinals. Fellow tournament favorites Spain and Germany were selected in fewer brackets than the United States as long shots to make the semifinals.

Brazil and Argentina are tipped to make the finals more than 25% of the hooks, coming in at 28.2 and 27.7 percent, respectively — much, much higher than the United States (10.7%) and France (7.1%).

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Take a look at how to crunch the numbers and take a look at some of our talent brackets below!

Group winners

  • Netherlands (Growl A); 78.3%
  • of England (Group B); 72.1%
  • Argentina (Group C); 84.0%
  • France (Group D); 77.1%
  • Germany (Group E); 58.6%
  • Belgium (group F); 69.2%
  • Brazil (G) 95.9%
  • Portugal (group H); 67.0%

Argentina and Brazil are not only favorites to make it to the top of our bracket, but they also have a relatively weak group. So it makes sense that a large part of the bracket entry will have those two teams progressing from their respective groups and outright winning.

The Netherlands also benefits from a low-profile group that includes host country Qatar. Despite not being one of the favorites to reach the final or even the semifinal, the Dutch are the most likely to win their group with 78.3%. England and France five heads.

And don’t worry about the United States – the USMNT is the most likely to finish as runner-up in Group B (58.4%) and make the knockout stage.

How important is Christian Pulisic?

How important is Christian Pulisic?

Stu Holden weighs in on Christian Pulisic and the role he plays for Team USA in the tournament.

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“Progress around 16”

  • Brazil: 92.5%
  • Argentina: 79.2%
  • England: 66.7%
  • France: 64.9%
  • Portugal: 57.8%
  • United States: 45%

Brazil is leading the way as the most selected team to make it to the round of 16, with the brackets overwhelming in their favor.

The defender of France’s amazing defense will need slightly less influence than England’s to get to the stage. England have only won the tournament once, in 1966.

The USMNT is also the most popular team for the round of 16, with 45% of contestants showing some love for the youth team.

Advance to the quarterfinals

  • Brazil: 68.9%
  • Argentina: 67.7%
  • France: 43.7%
  • Portugal: 26.1%
  • England: 25.2%
  • United States: 19.4%

To no one’s surprise, Brazil continues to lead the way, with defending champions France also gaining some favor.

On the flip side, the bracket competitors are not too confident in England to reach the fourth stage. The Three lions from the third, which is the most probable, through round 16 to the fifth, which is the most probable, they reach this stage.

Advance to the semifinals

  • Brazil: 39.9%
  • Argentina: 34%
  • France: 28.2%
  • England: 14.6%
  • United States: 13.6%
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Entries in brackets are nothing but congruent. Brazil and Argentina are still the top two teams to reach the last four. But it’s surprising – the United States of America is right up there with England as the most popular powerhouse to make the semis.

That is to say, knock down the contenders for the USMNT to uncover the depth.

Advance to the finals

  • Brazil: 28.2%
  • Argentina: 27.7%
  • United States: 10.7%
  • France: 7.1%
  • Germany: 6.1%

Brazil and Argentina continue to shine, but perhaps in the form of country pride, the USMNT is the third most-chosen country for the 2022 World Cup Final.

All the magic kicks off on FOX starting on Sunday, so make sure you get your hooks in before it’s too late. You don’t want to miss your chance at $1 million dollars!


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