Biggest Trampoline Park In The World

Biggest Trampoline Park In The World – For this week’s blog, we’re jumping for joy at how much fun a trampoline can be! If you haven’t played on a trampoline since you were a child, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on!

Trampolining is not only fun, but also offers many health benefits. As you’d expect, this helps improve your balance and coordination. As a low-impact exercise, it also helps increase your bone mass and is a great exercise for your core. Need more confidence to do it? How about a trampoline park designed specifically for older kids and adults?

Biggest Trampoline Park In The World

Flip Out began when the founder realized his son couldn’t attend a friend’s birthday party because the play area was too small for older children. So he started a company that offers larger trampolines, not only for children, but also for professionals and adults who want to get fit in a fun way.

Air Insanity Indoor Trampoline Park

There are 24 Flip Out locations in the UK alone and we will be focusing on those in South London (Wandsworth), Glasgow, Birmingham and Somerset.

With innovative designs and facilities that are the first of their kind in Europe, the Wandsworth area is well worth a visit. London’s largest trampoline park is the ideal place to try out Flip Fit’s fitness classes and party packages for kids and adults. Also, they just expanded the Flip Out Crazy Karts track with all of these to choose from. Also on Friday nights is disco night where they turn out the lights and turn up the music, with a live DJ every week. They even have quiet times for autistic people.

Flip Out’s Glasgow location boasts the impressive title of being the largest trampoline park in the world! You have an amazing 63,000 square meters of space to explore, with different areas for toddlers and sports like basketball and soccer. Adults can test their parking skills elsewhere, and there’s also an obstacle course. When you get tired of jumping around, you can grab a bite to eat at the cafe or relax at the playground.

In Sandwell you’ll find Flip Out near Birmingham, perfectly situated for visitors from across the Midlands. It’s a fun urban theme that kids of all ages will love, with graffiti-covered walls and over 70 trampolines. They have after-school groups, quality family passes, and weekly ASD and disability programs.

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Flying Squirrel Sports

The Somerset location may not be as big as Glasgow but still offers the incredible thrill of a 36,000ft trampoline with the latest equipment and next-generation lighting to complete the experience. There’s more than just trampolines, with trick areas, obstacle courses, jungle gyms, and foam pits. For the little ones there is a dedicated under 5s area and a cafe where you can sit and catch your breath!

We hope you’re having a great time at a Flip Out Center near you, and don’t forget to share your pictures and stories with us on our social media pages, there’s still a week until the Easter holidays though You’re running out of time for ideas. Entertain the kids in their last days of freedom, now we have just the thing.

Flip Out Glasgow, the largest trampoline center in the world, opens its doors tomorrow (Monday 10th April) in Rutherglen and boasts an incredible 63,000 square feet.

There will also be the country’s first ninja warrior course, as well as an area for children under seven, a parkour area and a multi-level soft play area.

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Lucy McFadden from Irvine on the trampoline in front of the Glasgow skyline. (Photo: © Martin Shields)

Australia-based company Flip Out opened its first location in Scotland to meet demand for trampoline services after nearly 10 million people visited its other UK facilities last year.

Flip Out Glasgow general manager George Gallacher says the trampoline’s growing popularity bodes well for the future of Scottish sport and public health.

He said: “Flip Out is obviously fun, but the health benefits are a welcome side benefit in just an hour, where you can hit up to 800 calories – the same amount you would be in spin class.

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“We are delighted to finally open Flip Out here in Glasgow after a long period of planning and building the world’s largest trampoline park.”

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Flip Out At The Uk’s Biggest Trampoline Parks!

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According to Capps, this careless behavior can have dire consequences if pilots become disoriented or momentarily blinded during landing. AirHop Trampoline Park in Bristol Email: Location: Unit 5 Britannia Road, Patchway Bristol BS34 5TA Telephone: 0330 2233333 Visit website

Sky Zone Trampoline Park Aurora ♥️ Trampoline Park Aurora » Worth It?

Bristol’s AirHop Trampoline Park is one of the most exciting attractions to ever open in the city. All ages and all physical abilities are catered for at this amazing location – the world’s largest trampoline park – in Patchway.

135 interconnected trampolines make up AirHop Bristol and in addition to the ability to jump like Tigger, there are slam dunk lanes, dodgeball courts, wrestling bars, foam pit lanes, zip lines and a “complete extinguishing site!” This is the perfect one Activity for kids and adults alike – have fun burning calories!

Whether you are traveling to the AirHop as a couple, family, children’s birthday party or corporate event, please book in advance as the facility can get very busy. Bookings can be made online at and if you have any questions please call the team on 0330 223 3333.

Prices start from £11.50 per hour and you can get a discount if you already have your AirHop anti-slip socks – a great investment if you use the trampoline park regularly!

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“Wow this is great – the kids loved Airhop Bristol and it’s a place away from the cribs in a great location. It’s the ultimate birthday party for any child. It is fun. Read the full review here.

It’s a simple idea, but it will transform Bristol. Get one now… and get the friends and family you can!

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