Bestselling books for the week that ended Dec. 25

Here are Publishers Weekly’s bestsellers for the week ending December 24.

1. “Chemistry Lesson” Bonnie Garmes

2. “The Biloxi Boys” John Grisham

3. “Fairy Tale” • Stephen King

4. “Dreamland” Nicholas Sparks

5. “Devil Copperhead” Barbara Kingsol

6. “Triple Cross” • James Patterson

7. “Crazy Honey” • Picoult/Boylan

8. “Tom Clancy: Red Winter” Mark Cameron

9. “No Plan B” • Children/Children

10. “Real” • Colleen Hoover

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1. “The Light We Carry” • Michelle Obama

2. “Preferred Dinner” • Ina Garten

3. “Faith can still move mountains” • Harris Faulkner

4. “I’m glad my mom died” Janet McCurdy

5. “Guinness World Records 2023” • Guinness World Records

6. “The Simple and Happy Recipe” • Doocy/Doocy

7. “Friends, Lovers, and Big Terrible Things” • Matthew Perry

8. “Stories We Tell” • Joanna Gaines

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9. “Greatest Broadcast Ever” • Rush Limbaugh

10. “There Is Light” • Jon Meacham

1. “The List of Judges” • John Grisham

2. “The Gambler” David Baldacci

3. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” • Robert T. Kiyosaki

4. “Invisible” Danielle Steel

5. “Steal” • Patterson/Roughan

6. “Awakening” • Nora Roberts

7. “Curved” • Nicholas Sparks

8. “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary” • Merriam-Webster

9. “Written on the Stars” • Nora Roberts

10. “Bad Days for Bad Guys” • Johnstone/Johnsone

1. “It All Begins With Us” • Colleen Hoover

2. “Fun Facts About Curiosity” • Jordan Moore

3. “His Reminder” • Colleen Hoover

4. “The Ultimate Serial Killer Trivia Book” • Jack Rosewood

5. “Battle of Jiu-Jitsu, Vol. 18” Gege Akutami

6. “Never Ending” • David Goggins

7. “Things We Never Overcome” • Lucy Score

8. “2023 Veteran Farmer’s Almanac” • Veteran Farmer’s Almanac

9. “Maybe Now” • Colleen Hoover

10. Volume of “Blessings of Heavenly Officials”. 5”·Moxiang Tongxiu

Here are the bestsellers at regional independent stores for the week ending December 25th. Store reports: The Book House, Left Bank Books, Main Street Books, Novel Neighbor, Subterranean Books.

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1. “Devil Copperhead” Barbara Kingsol

2. “Mississippi Night” • Enloe/Enloe

3. “The Light We Carry” • Michelle Obama

4. “First mover” • Cori Bush

5. “Slow Bird” • Joan E. Strassmann

6. “Winterland” • Rae Meadows

7. “Braiding Sweetgrass” Robin Wall Kimmerer

8. “Passenger” • Cormac McCarthy

9. “A Spear Through the Water” • Simon Jimenez

10. “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” • Gabriel Zevin

1. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” • JK Rowling

2. “Snow Day” • Ezra Jack Keats

3. “Catboy Comic Club” • Dav Pilkey

4. “Pet Potato” • Josh Lacey

5. “We Are Worth Monuments” Jace Hammonds

6. “Knight Owl” Christopher Dennis

7. “Christmas Book Boom” Emily Kilgore

8. “Donuts and Doom” • Balazs Lorinczi

9. “The Mittens” Jane Brett

10. “Three Billy Goats” • Barnett/Klassen


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