Beaufort Board of Education keeps 6 controversial books on school shelves

Beaufort County, South Carolina (WSAV) – Should they stay or go?

The question arises when it comes to some controversial books in the Beaufort County school library.

Some parents and citizens disputed the decision to keep the books on shelves.

The Beaufort County Board of Education heard from both sides at a Tuesday night meeting.

Is it “banning” a book, or simply protecting our children from premature exposure to sexual and violent content?

This is the question many people ask the Board of Education.

A total of 97 books were temporarily pulled from school shelves so that a committee of citizens and school staff could read and react to their messages and content.

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In total, six different committees decided to put all six books back in schools, some in high schools only, some in all schools.

But some citizens have raised questions, arguing that the school board should make the final decision.

Before any votes are taken, people on both sides of the question give their views.

“For those who are straight, the value of being able to read these kinds of stories enhances the ability of those who are gay or trans to live safely and be accepted. Reading these stories builds empathy and understanding and makes them more unity.”

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“In your view, there is only a small minority in favor of removing these books compared to those who have come forward and expressed their support for these books. However, I can assure you that our support is much more than it appears.”

“Books that cover topics such as surviving child abuse, discrimination, racism and misogyny are the most important to me because although they are difficult experiences for me, they are my truth. These topics they talk about It hurts, but you can’t disagree with people expressing their truth.”

“I’m against book bans. I’m for free speech. Free speech can only be protected when and where and how. The classroom is neither the time nor the place to show minors sexually explicit books.”

Ultimately, the Board of Education voted to confirm the committee’s decision and keep all books on the shelves.

It also reassessed “opt-out forms” for parents who want to restrict their children’s access to books or videos.

The committee will vote on the remaining 91 books before returning any books to schools.


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