Asian Blaxpoitation heroine that was inspiration for ‘Kill Bill’ protagonist revived for TV series

Cleopatra, the badass Singaporean Interpol agent from the ’70s Asian mill scene, is back.

The Southeast Asian action hero is reportedly Uma Thurman’s “bride” Beatrix in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill The source of inspiration for the character. Upcoming TV Shows According to Variety, it’s set in the 21st century.

The character was played by Singaporean actor Marrie Lee (aka Doris Young) in a series of films in the late 1970s, created by Filipino filmmaker Bobby Suarez. The name appears to be based on the 1973 African-American exploitation film Cleopatra Jones.

“They Called Her… Cleopatra,” the 1978 low-budget classic introducing the character was Digitally restored in 4K Last year by the Asian Film Archive.

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Cleopatra’s films have gained a cult following for their apparent combination of elements of the spy genre with elements of the Asian martial arts genre.

In a 2003 interview with The Straits Times, Tarantino said that “Cleopatra was a huge inspiration” in some of his films.

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Independent studio The Ink Factory, which acquired the rights to the character, is co-producing the new series with Singapore-based Beach House Pictures.s.

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Simon Cornwell and Stephen, co-founders of The Ink Factory, said: “With Southeast Asia at its heart and soul, the series brings a young female action hero and her companions to the screen in a fresh, confident and authentic way.” Cornwell in a statement.

Chinese-American writer Hortasha (“Tomb Raider”) and Thai-British author Chris Cornwell (“A Witch Found”) will share writing duties for the new project.

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Since 2018, the Cleopatra series has been in the planning of Beach House Pictures.during an interview straits times That year, Jocelyn Little of Beach House Pictures said Wong Kar-Wai “deserves a good TV show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jessica Jones or Orphan Blake…she would be a Complex women with personal lives.”

The Ink Factory has a number of Asian projects in the works, including the Korean-language series “The Conspirator” and the thriller “Her Name Is a Knight.”

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featured image via Asian Film Archive


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