Another Success Story from the Taiwan-sponsored Jennès Vocational Skills Training Programme

With more success stories from the Jennès Skills Training Program coming to light, interest in the life-changing program continues.

Miranda George-Arthur
Miranda George-Arthur

Miranda George-Arthur took the Digital and Creative Entrepreneurship course because she loves all things technology and art. After deciding to close his Internet cafe, in part due to the impact of COVID-19, he struggled with deciding where to take his company, TechtronKnights.

“I knew I wanted to go completely digital, but I was stuck on what exactly to do in the new direction,” says George-Arthur. “When I read about the program proposal for the Jennès event, I was immediately drawn to the Digital & Creative Entrepreneurship program. This program has a combination of Information Technology and Arts, which will give me a degree, improve my skills and create new paths for my business. “

He says that choosing the best of the program not only improved his website building and design skills, but taught him completely new skills in app development and audio production. and photography, skills he never thought he would pursue.

“This program has had a huge impact on my personal development,” George-Arthur admits. “It’s very difficult to find an opportunity like this, which not only gives you training, but also certification for a craft or job that you really love. This gives me a form of validation of my skills and talents at the academic level . With the qualifications I received from this program, I have an academic foundation to build on in a field that has produced something truly remarkable for me.”

The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) supports the Jennès Skills Training Program run by Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC). The main objective of the program is to develop the youth and women of Saint Lucia so that they can contribute positively to the economy of Saint Lucia.

Participants gain vocational training skills in Health Aide, Digital and Creative Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Childhood Development. The goal is to help these individuals develop immediately marketable skills and provide them with opportunities to obtain specialized employment within these fields. George-Arthur says he started getting business opportunities within the group of students he worked with. He notes that while partnerships are often at risk, hard work and a shared vision can lead small businesses to opportunities that otherwise would have been missed.

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He also gave a presentation on Technology at the Harbor Club last August, and he also used his computer skills to help the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) work with the Taiwanese Embassy. which hosted a two-day Business Canvas workshop in Soufriere for youth and women.

“These opportunities, among others, I believe, build a solid foundation for my company,” he said. “To anyone thinking of taking this program, I would say this: Don’t limit yourself by thinking of time to do things that benefit your personal development and your career. One may think that they don’t have much time, but the truth is that we are the masters of our own time, and once we take control of our own clock, there is no telling where and when it might take us. .”

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In July of last year, 76 students graduated from Cohort One of the Jennès Vocational Skills Training Program, of which 9 were eligible to receive $2,500.00 in investment from angels, including George-Arthur. To date, 25 business graduates have completed business training and received angel funding based on their respective business briefs and strategic plans.

In October, there was a graduation ceremony for 73 graduates who completed Cohort Two of the Jennès Professional Skills Training Program, and 56 who did the Business Incubator for Start-up Enterprises Program.

In addition to the vocational skills training component of the Jennès Program, there is also a business training component and an exhibition pitch competition.

The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) encourages students to remain committed to the pursuit of their dreams by taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them.


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