Andy Murray identifies what’s biggest conditions-wise problem players face nowadays

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray says the biggest problem players face today is that conditions-wise the courts and balls are “super tough”. Brad Gilbert, who famously coached Brad Gilbert in the American Golden Years, was talking about the running of the court in today’s game.

“All those courts are very fast going back in the day remember the supreme courts and the carpet courts, a big problem in the early 90’s with bomb officials especially if he plays against himself no points except four shots went, which killed the courts really fast for good,” Gilbert tweeted.

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Moravian conditions in today’s game

“The biggest problem with the current conditions most weeks is the courts and the balls are so super slow.

There is almost no difference. Why not fast courts in slow balls or vice versa? Shanghai has always been a bit like that. This allows all tennis court players,” Murray wrote on Twitter.

Taylor Fritz, who recently broke into the top 10 for the first time in his career, suggested the main problem was “slow/soft balls.”

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“For me the balls make the biggest difference in speed, some slow/soft balls make the conditions so slow no matter the speed of the court. Lots of times with those balls I don’t like tennis, there’s never a reward for getting aggressive shots,” Fritz said.

Conversations like this have become common enough in recent years that as many players as tennis players have openly suggested that conditions have become much slower and that they no longer participate between surfaces.

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The strongest players, who rely on their serves and strong fundamentals, are the ones who do not benefit from changes in decisions and balls made. But because of the changes that have been made, some feel that the ratio is better now.


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