Andrew Tate: Inside influencer’s toxic life

Online provocateur Andrew Tate doesn’t just engage in violent and hateful attacks against women online. Authorities claim he does this in real life as well.

The 36-year-old social media influencer — who was once banned from Twitter because women should “take responsibility for rape” — was arrested Thursday on charges of human trafficking and rape in Romania.

Tate, a divisive chauvinist who has previously called women “lazy by nature”, appeared to scoff at the charges he faces after being detained for 24 hours with his brother Tristan outside Bucharest.

British-American conspirator “The Matrix has sent its agents.” He tweeted to his 3.9 million followers early Friday.

Romania’s Organized Crime Agency announced late Thursday that four suspects, including two British citizens and two Romanians, had been arrested for sexually exploiting women. No names of those arrested were released, but an agency spokesman confirmed that Andrew and his brother, Tristan Tate, had been arrested.

Tate has many fans
Tate has developed a large following in the online “manosphere” – a group of proud misogynists who see women as inferior things to be controlled.
Andrew Tate

“Victims were recruited by British citizens by misrepresenting their intention to enter into a marital/cohabiting relationship and the existence of genuine feelings of love (guy lover method),” Romanian authorities said in a statement on Thursday.

The six victims were taken to homes in Ilfov, north of Bucharest, where they were kept under “constant surveillance,” authorities said.

According to Romanian authorities, the women were then “sexually exploited” and forced to perform obscene acts that were to be posted on social media platforms.

Tate was accused of sex trafficking, exploitation and rape.
Tate was accused of sex trafficking, exploitation and rape.
He was arrested from his home in Romania.
He was arrested from his home in Romania.

Four suspects, including the Tate brothers, were charged with sexual assault after a woman reported being injured on two occasions in March.

Before he was a social media influencer known as the “King of Toxic Masculinity,” Emory Andrew Tate III was the Kickboxing Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, once known as “King Cobra.” He has dominated professional kickboxing since 2005, earning a 76-9 record and two world titles over the next nine years. After a brief stint in mixed martial arts, the 6-foot-3 southpaw now works as a commentator for Real Xtreme Fighting, the largest MMA promotion in Romania, according to his website

But Tate was largely unknown outside of fight circles until his appearance on the UK version of Big Brother in 2016. Just days into the show’s production, he was fired after posting racist and homophobic tweets in the past, as well as a video showing Tate hitting a woman with a belt. More footage shows Tate telling the victim to count her bruises, but both sides reportedly denied any abuse.

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Brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate
Brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate.
Andrew Tate/Instagram

The “Big Brother” alum then came under fire a year later amid Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse allegations for insisting that women share responsibility when they are sexually assaulted.

After being kicked off Big Brother, Tate decided to reinvent himself as a super-masculine guru, posting online videos advising men to treat women like commodities. He brags about his wealth, shares his “secrets” to success – for a price – and thrives on criticism. He said in 2021: “You can’t slander me because I’m declaring right now that I’m totally sexist and totally misogynistic and I owe you money and you can’t take it away. ” “Anything Goes With James English” podcast. Tate has developed a large following in the online “manosphere” – a group of proud misogynists who see women as inferior things to be controlled.

Tate wrote in October 2017, “If you put yourself in a position to be sexually assaulted, you have to take responsibility. No woman should be harassed regardless. “However, with rape, they want to place no blame on the victim.”

Tristan Tate with actor Steven Seagal
Tristan Tate with actor Steven Seagal.
Tristan Tate/Instagram

Tate was subsequently suspended from Twitter but was reinstated in November, along with several other previously banned celebrities, including psychologist Jordan Patterson and comedian Kathy Griffin.

In August, she was deleted from Facebook and Instagram, where she had more than 4.7 million followers. And Tate is no longer on TikTok, where his ideologies were permanently banned, though countless #AndrewTate clips were still available on the platform as of Friday.

A self-help guru and admitted misogynist, Tate has previously compared women to dogs, saying they are the property of their husbands and belong in the house.

“It’s not about ownership, it’s about him being owned,” Tate said in July.

Tate complex in Voluntari, Romania
Tate complex in Voluntari, Romania
Google Earth

More recently, Tate has targeted female executives. “Why are so many ‘businesswomen’ and ‘CEOs’ married to very rich men? She He tweeted Monday. “This [sic] “It’s almost like this guy is paying for their whole lives and their jobs are entertainment bullshit.”

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Romantically, Tate has been linked to Georgiana Manuela Nagel, described by The Sun as “an American businesswoman and influencer”. He has also claimed to have fathered children from several women.

Now Tate — believed to be worth up to $100 million — offers online life advice through his Hustler’s University, which has 168,000 members who pay $49.99 a month.

Nagel Georgiana Manuel, who is reportedly an American influencer and businesswoman, is in a relationship with Tate.
Nagel Georgiana Manuel, who is reportedly an American influencer and businesswoman, is in a relationship with Tate.
Carrier Georgiana Manuela / Insta

The Sunday Mirror reported in June that Tate and his brother had also made millions from webcam sites featuring lingerie models that charged customers up to $4 a minute.

Curious visitors to, which is separate from and its Hustler University, are introduced to the so-called “War Room,” a global group with “members, bases and influence” in 70 countries. The one-time membership fee is $4,497.

“Our network has diverse expertise that allows us to make a global impact,” the site states. “Each member has either achieved or is trying to achieve the ultimate goal of all intelligent people, freedom in a world of slavery.”

The influencer has raved about his 33 cars.
The influencer has bragged about 33 of his cars, including this Bugatti.
Andrew Tate

The War Room mainly exists in dozens of channels on Telegram and covers a myriad of topics including finance, fitness and “biohacking”. It also provides “standing meeting” between members on a daily basis.

The site also offers exclusive merchandise and supplements as well as the promise of getting rich.

“I teach qualified people the secrets of modern wealth creation,” Tate claims on the site.

“I’m broke and now I’m a multi-millionaire,” he adds. I teach deserving people the secrets of modern wealth creation.

Tate was busted by authorities after the video, which showed a pizza box from a local chain, was released.
Tate was busted by authorities after the video, which showed a pizza box from a local chain, was released.
Instagram/Andrew Tate

Tate and his two younger siblings, sister Janine and brother Tristan (who appeared in the British film “Shipwrecked: Island”), grew up in Goshen, Illinois, outside of Chicago, until their parents – food assistant Eileen Ashley and Emory Andrew Tate Jr., a US Air Force sergeant and an international chess master – is divorced. He later moved to Luton, England to live with his mother in her hometown.

At one point, he apparently became enamored with “The Matrix,” the 1999 sci-fi film starring Keanu Reeves that was popular with conspiracy theorists.

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Climate activist Greta Thunberg has engaged with Tate online.
Climate activist Greta Thunberg has engaged with Tate online.
Garrett’s official Twitter account

Tate is also known for flaunting his ostentatious lifestyle online — like the 33 cars he boasted in one day on Tuesday. tweet Greta Thunberg, trolling climate activist.

Tate tweeted: “Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and associated massive emissions.

This prompted 19-year-old Thunberg to Reply on Wednesday: “Yes, please enlighten me. Email me smalld–[email protected]

While not as well known as his brother, Tristan Tate isn't shy about showing off his flamboyant lifestyle.
While not as well known as his brother, Tristan Tate isn’t shy about showing off his flamboyant lifestyle.
Tristan Tate/Instagram

The phallic-themed dig sparked Tate, who posted a video response on Twitter late Wednesday, a day before the arrest. The footage shows the former kickboxer puffing on a cigarette and asking someone to bring him a pizza while making sure the boxes aren’t recycled.

The two boxes belonged to Jerry’s Pizza, a local Romanian chain. It is widely believed that this led to the authorities finding Tate, although his Twitter account had previously revealed that he was in Romania at Christmasdays before Thunberg’s tweet on Wednesday and her subsequent video response.

Still, celebrities, including actor George Takei, reveled in Tate’s arrest and pointed to Thunberg’s apparent role.

Tate is said to be worth $100 million.
Tate is said to be worth $100 million.
Andrew Tate

Takei: “So… Elon Musk allowed Andrew Tate back on Twitter, and Tate immediately used it to reveal his whereabouts to the Romanian authorities, who then arrested him.” He tweeted Thursday. “All because Greta Thunberg barely owned her little baby fell. Do I have this right? Please tell me that I have this right.”

Thunberg burned Tate for the second time on Friday. to tweet: “This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes.”

Attempts to contact Tate’s relatives, including his 61-year-old mother, Eileen Tate, were unsuccessful. His father died at a chess tournament in California in 2015 at the age of 56. A message left for Tate’s sister, Janine Tate Webb, 32, of Kentucky, was not returned.

Meanwhile, in the war room, interested parties are instructed to have a member of Tate’s “personally trained special forces” contact them via email.

“You need us,” the message says plainly. “We don’t need you.”


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